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Samantha Clarke: Teen missing since 2010 from Orange

Samantha Clarke, 19, has been missing from Orange County since September 13, 2010.

Samantha was last seen at her home on Lindsay Drive in Orange, Virginia on September 13, 2010.  She told her brother who was 13 at the time that she was leaving but would be back the next morning, but she never returned.

The Police Chief called her disappearance suspicious, although he did state he didn’t think that anyone kidnapped her or forced her into a car.

“We have a lot of stuff we can’t release because we don’t want it to jeopardize our future investigation,” the chief continued, “but at this point we don’t have any indications there was foul play regarding her leaving her residence.

Nelson County officials are looking at the similarities in the cases between Clarke and another missing young woman, Alexis Tiara Murphy.

Randy Taylor called Clarke’s cell phone several times before she went missing back in 2010 and  now authorities have collected evidence that led to the arrest of Taylor.

“Clearly, they have probable cause,” Legal Analyst David Heilberg told The Hook.  “Proof beyond a reasonable doubt,” he says, “is the question down the road.”

Back in 2010, the police thought that Taylor might have had something to do with the disappearance of Clarke, so they began following him.  Taylor thought the police were stomping on his rights and hired an attorney, who successfully argued that the GPS unit police had put on his car was illegal.  A Judge agreed.


Taylor was arrested Sunday and charged with abduction in the disappearance of Alexis Murphy,  who was last seen August 3 in Virginia, CBS affiliate WDBJ reports.  In 2014, Taylor was found guilty of murder and abduction in the 2013 disappearance of Alexis Murphy who was last seen at a Lovingston gas station.

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