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Victoria Roderick: Mother and daughter missing from Missouri Found

UPDATE: – 8/15/13 – Victoria has contacted her family as is safe along with Leslie Dawn.

Victoria (Vicky) Roderick, 23, and her daughter Leslie Dawn have been missing for six weeks.

Her family states that she never drops out of contact and only ever goes away for a weekend at a time and never leaves the state.

“She’s been out of contact so long that she even missed visitation with her other daughter, who lives with her father,” said Chelsea Hoffman, Vicky’s sister.  “The child spent her entire visitation with her grandmother because we cannot find Vic.”

Vicky is from Climax Springs, Missouri, but she may be in Iowa from a tip the family received, but there has been no verification of this.

If you have any information about Vicky, please leave a message here or call the phone number on the poster.

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