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Jasmin Becker: Teen missing from Louisville Found

Jasmin Marie Becker age 15 was last seen on May 16, 2013. She is 5’4″ in height, weighs 120 pounds with brown eyes. She was last seen with Blonde hair, piercing of nose, lip, and navel. She has a tattoo behind her left ear of five stars.

She may be still in the local area of Louisville it is very possible she has traveled out of the area as well.

If you have any information on her whereabouts, please leave a message here, you can remain anonymous, or call Louisville Metro Police Department (502) 574-3759 or Private Investigator Naomi Emerson at (270) 871-4779 and/or Private Investigator Rick Miles at (859) 940-1418

8 thoughts on “Jasmin Becker: Teen missing from Louisville Found

  1. What terrible parent allows a FIFTEEN year old to have pierced lips, nose and naval AND have a tattoo. When you don't hold your children to standards don't complain when they go missing. If you raise your daughter to be white trash that's what you get.

  2. So you there Anonymous as of 3:26PM….you seem to think piercings and tattoos qualifies this young girl as white trash??! You think its terrible parenting that leads kids to do this?? Grow up. Something is seriously wrong in your heart to not think anything other than I sure hope they find their missing child. Start looking in your own closets I'm sure they are loaded with skeletons after hearing how judgemental and nasty your remarks are.

  3. I really do have to agree with the first post here. While piercings and tattoos do not make her white trash, she did need her parents to give permission and be there at that age and I can tell you my daughter will absolutely not be doing that at 15 !

  4. A kid or parents are not bad because they let her have piercings or tattoo's. Grow up!! I had piercings and tattoo's around her age, and I turned out just fine. People are so quick to judge. How about sharing her info and say some prayers instead.

  5. Am I a bad parent for letting my 4 year old have pink hair because the wants it.. And letting hee cover herself in temp tattoos?? I will never stop her from being herself.. I have nine tattoos and a high paying job have never had anyone take care of my bills but me oh and I'm under 30 years old… Quit judging people and there parenting skills until you are in their shoes… Oh and my child who is 4 can write and read already… So lets not go their either… I hope to god they find her safeaan sound… My thoughts are with everyone that loves and misses her

  6. 502-619-3300, I am Jasmin's father! Please call me and I will gladly explain the situation to you. Don't judge a book by its cover, got it! I never allowed my daughter to have piercings, her mother did! I have had custody of her since I returned home from Iraq in 2006! I am a wonderful father who loves his daughter very fucking much I just want to find her and help her like I tried to in the past. I am a great man and a wonderful father. So, call me please Anonymous

  7. This is Michael Becker I just wanted to say thank you in your response. I have not found her yet but I am still out there looking.

  8. So was she found per the title of this entry, or not? Hope that she was found, safe and sound.

    Agree with those who see no harm in a wild hair colour or a piercing. To say no drives them to do it illicitly. (Hair grows; piercings can be taken out… I would probably try to convince a teen of the lifelong commitment of a tattoo, though–what I thought was cool at 15 is not what I still think is cool!).

    I would prefer my child feel comfortable coming to me to talk about anything without my being judgmental.

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