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Isabel Celis: Parents say family member is holding back information

Isabel Celis

Isabel’s remains were found in 2017 and a suspect was arrested in 2018.

Please note I have written several stories about Isabele Celis.  Please do a search for Celis to read them all.

Many have forgotten about the 6-year-old Tucson girl who went missing in 2012, but she is still missing.

Police report:  “I was approached by *****.  She stated that she and her husband had been at Sears Park at ***e. 14th Street.  While there, they found a small pair of children’s stockings, large shoe prints and tire tracks, a cigarette package and a receipt for a man’s cap.”  

Isabel Celis turned 8-years-old in August and her parents spoke to KGUN9 news about their suspicions.

Becky and Sergio Celis, Isabel’s parents told the media that they believe that someone in their family had something to do with the disappearance of Isabel.  

Police reports:  “I responded to the westbound on ramp of I-10 from Irvington reference a rolled up blanket in the desert area.  I drove up the westbound on ramp of I-10 from Irvington and noticed a multi-colored blanket on the Westside of the roadway approximately fifty yards from Irvington.” 

Sergio said there was one particular person that had access to their home and is not talking to the family’s investigator, and the person also has an attorney.  He does not believe that the person did not do the crime, but knows who did and won’t say.

Police report:  “On 4/23/12 I was asked to respond to Highland Park. Ralph Comey had called advising he has seen a pair of child’s sandals in a trash can near the pool at the park. I responded and located the shoes.  I took field photographs of the area and the shoes and collected them.  Also inside the can was a carryout bag from “Famous Dave’s BBQ”.

(Famous Dave’s BBQ is located at 4565 N Oracle Rd, Tucson, and are open 11 to 11)

Sergio says he won’t say the name because he believes it will jeopardize the chance that the person will come forward.  

I believe Sergio has nothing to lose by saying who he thinks it is.  I would be telling everyone I knew that the person who had information was not talking.  

Police report: “At his direction, the first area we searched was the desert area located east of St. Joseph’s hospital. I noticed a Timex watch with a green nylon wristband.  It did not appear to have been there long, so I had crime scene respond and photograph it in place.  I then collected it and later submitted it into evidence at the Main Police station on Stone Avenue.” 

Many people are posting and stating their confusion as to why this person would not come forward. 

Witness who heard voices outside window does interview

“If they haven’t done anything wrong then why in the world would they not come forward?” posted Dan.

During the video interview, Sergio gives off that vibe of a man who is “just chillin,” and hanging out and supporting his wife.  Click here to watch video. Every now and then his brow furrows in concern but otherwise he is poised and calculated with his grief.  Sergio has always been someone who thrived the limelight, and every time I have seen him in front of a camera, it seems as though he knows he is in front of a camera and is acting a part.  And in this video it is no different.  Just a concerned friend, hanging with the family and showing his concern and support during their crisis.  It could have been a cat up a tree he was talking about.  I don’t think this necessarily makes him a suspect, but does give you insight into his personality.

I also want to bring back up Isabel’s adult cousin, Justin Mastromarino.  Could this be the family member that Sergio is talking about?

 TIP phoned in to police:   “A stocky man in his middle or late 30’s was more or less dragging a small girl fitting the description of (Isabel) out of the Tivoli Gardens. I held the exit/front door open for them, but thought it a bit unusual…the little girl was essentially dragged out by the hand before she could respond to my salutation.”

If back in 2011, when CPS was called to the family home, Mastromarino may have been living there with them at the time.   There is a photo of his Jeep parked in front of the house in June of 2011.  CPS was called again after Isabel went missing and Sergio was asked to leave the home, which he did.  Shortly, before that Mastromarino was no longer the spokesperson and not much has been heard from his since.

KGUN9 did get a response from the police department about Sergio’s thoughts on someone in the family knows something and they stated:  “At this time, I can confirm that no known Celis family members or their friends have failed to cooperate with an interview…

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