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Pamela Hobley and Patricia Spencer: Teens missing since 1969

Pamela Hobley

Whatever happened to Pamela Hobley and Patricia Spencer?

Click here to see the photo taken by a serial killer that might be Pamela Hobley.

Pamela Hobley, went missing in October 1969. She was seen walking with Patricia Spencer on River Road leaving school around 2 p.m. in Oscada, Michigan. Although they knew of each other they usually didn’t hang out together, but that night they did have one thing in common, they were going to their high school homecoming football game for Halloween, and a party afterwards.

There was a rumor that the teens had been buried in a barn in Wilber Township.   The Oscoda Township Police Chief stated he heard the rumor, too when he was a teen.  Now, as the police chief he decided to look further into the tip that came in 1986 about the teens, after he found no information that the tip had ever been acted on.

The tip said the girls were murdered by two men who buried them under Jack Searle’s barn on Brooks Road.  After bringing in a cadaver dog, the dog did not alert, although the police chief stated it could be because the scent was no longer there after 16 years.  There has been no further investigating of this site.

A witnessed stated he picked up the girls and dropped them off, but that witness has since died and for reasons not divulged the police have ruled out his information as being false.

Age progressed photo of
Patricia Spencer

Then in 2013, another witness came forward and said in 1969 he had given a ride to the girls and dropping them off at a gas station  located at River Road and US-23.

“There is nothing, absolutely nothing about this in the case file,” David said.

Pamela has brown hair, brown eyes, and a scar on her nose and a birthmark on the left corner of her mouth.  She was wearing a white fake fur coat with brown fur trim, a long-sleeved blouse with ruffled cuffs and a brown and white plaid skirt, white knee socks and shoes with a chunky heel.

Patricia Spencer has brown hair and blue eyes and wears glasses.  She was wearing a brown sweater, gray and green plaid jacket,  brown tween or plaid skirt, and brown shoes with a chunky heel.  She had a silver necklace with a peace symbol on it.

If you have any information about either girls, please call the Oscoda Township Police Department at 989-739-9113.

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