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Amber Swartz: 7-year-old missing since 1988

Age progression of Amber

Amber at 7

The case of a missing 7-year-old California girl has been closed since 2009 and now the mother wants the case reopened.

Amber Swartz was last seen June 3, 1988 jump roping outside her home on Savage Avenue before she suddenly went missing.

Curtis Dean Anderson, who was already serving a term for sexually assaulting an 8-year-old Vallejo girl who escaped, confessed to abducting Amber and taking her to an Arizona motel and murdering her and leaving her body in the desert. 

Anderson, who has since died from liver failure, confessed to killing 8 children, but Amber’s mom, Kim Swartz does not believe that Anderson was telling the truth. 

Regardless, the FBI has responded that there has been no new information that would warrant reopening the case, although Pinole police chief, John Hardester stated he spoke with Kim and said his office would reevaluate whether it needed to be reopened.  He also told the media that his office is looking over the case to ensure everything was looked at.

Swartz brought up that there has been many recent cases where missing children had been found and Amber would be 33 today.

Swartz also hopes to lobby for state legislation that would mandate keeping missing person cases open as long as someone is missing.

Swartz’s former neighbor and day care provider Lea Deuel has sponsored an online petition asking for the case to be reopened as she feel that the FBI closed it too quickly and thought that Anderson was lying, too. 

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