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Salvador Domingues: Missing and endangered senior in San Diego Found

UPDATE:  Salvador returned home safely by himself on Oct. 10. 

Previous story: Salvador Domingues, 67, is missing from San Diego.  He was last seen at the trolley in El Cajon around 7 p.m.  Salvador got on the trolley before his family and the door shut separating them.

Another senior last year was lost at the trolley station and I wondered at that time why the police didn’t call the trolley car engineer.  Certainly they should do this in this case.  If they would act immediately and call the person who is driving the trolley and tell them that Salvador was on the trolley and to not let him off till they get there he would not be lost now.  Why was there no communication and so much time lost between him getting on the trolley and the information lost.  Now at this point, the police and volunteers are forced to search the whole city and to guess where he might be.

Salvador has Alzheimer’s and may not know where he is or what to do. He is Hispanic with white hair and brown eyes and speaks Spanish.

He is 5′ 7″ and 140 pounds.  He was wearing a black jacket and blue pants.

If you see him please call the San Diego Police at (619)531-2000.  

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