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Aria Spradling: Missing from Eaton Found

UPDATE:  11/24/13 –  The body found Tuesday is confirmed to be Aria Spradling.  The Coroner’s office says Aria’s remains were skeletonized and there were no signs of trauma.  Melissa Spradling, Aria’s mother believes that Aria was murdered and is asking the person who did it to come forward and accept responsibility.

UPDATE:  11/18/13 – Vandalia police have found a badly decomposed body they believe is female because of the clothing.

Authorities were questioned if it is the body of missing Aria, but they refused to make a statement regarding that at this time.

An autopsy will be performed.

UPDATE:  11/7/13 – After missing for over a month and little attention from the media, the Eaton police stated in a news release they are asking for the public’s help in finding her.  They also said they were looking over hair and clothing samples that was found on Germantown Street to determine if they belong to missing Aria.

Melissa’s Aria’s mom told the Dayton Daily news that she dropped Aria off at work at the Harem Gentleman’s Club in Harrison Twp. and the Aria called that night and said that someone had stolen the cash she had made dancing and she was going to work an extra day to make up the money.

Although the police issued an arrest warrant it was more to help find her than arrest her.

“We are hoping if people saw the information and saw a cash reward, we could find her said Eaton Police Chief Chad DePew.  “Obviously we’re more concerned with finding her than any warrants for her arrest.

Aria was arrested in March and then arrested again in April for failure to appear.  Could this have anything to do with her disappearance or has something bad happened to her?

130 thoughts on “Aria Spradling: Missing from Eaton Found

  1. 'Numerous tattoos' and pregnant as a teenager…typical white trash. These are the kinds of dopes that make poor decisions that get them in trouble and now we waste resources trying to find her. I say good riddance .

  2. Wow a human being not worthy of resources since they had a baby @ 19 and have tattoos. Heartless.

  3. Anonymous: Your ignorance outdoes your lack of sensitivity. You obviously are uneducated and again perhaps not intelligent enough to understand that this is about a human being and not some anger issues you have that you are obviously incapable of dealing with. Perhaps you should seek professional help for yourself and leave more important projects to those who have the capabilities and resources to assist in making a difference.

  4. Wow…comment at 1:14! I am always wary of folks like you. Absolutely no empathy for fellow human beings. What if this person were your sister, mother, or aunt? Do you know this young lady? I come from a family where we have a sister who has (gasp) a few tattoos and a baby. She's the same age as this gal…and guess what? She is NOT white trash! I just hope you do not have to come into contact with the general public, because frankly you sound sinister and selfish.

  5. It doesn't really matter what Aria did, when she did it, or who she did it with. She's someone's lost loved one and she needs to be reunited with her family and friends. BTW, the tattoo that says “Maleigha?” That's her daughter's name.

  6. ugh I am a friend of aria don't judge a book by its cover she is a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart…..this does NOT deserve to happen to her…she is sooooo missed I think about her everyday you have no clue what she is goin through she has a 1 1?2 daughter so stfu

  7. THIS IS tattoos dont make a person trash a person that thinks the way you do makes a person trash this is my family and if it was a friend we would still do whatever it takes to get them home you need medicine and a padded room cause you are a (problem) that probally stems from childhood gotta hide who you are behind ANONYMOUS what kind of TRASH ARE YOU ……..I BET EVEN IF YOU HAD FAMILY MEMBER COME UP MISSING YOU WOULD HAVE NO HEART ON TRYING TO GET THEM HOME SAFE>YOU ARE A NO GOOD PIECE OF CRAP HURRY GET IN YOUR PADDED ROOM NUT JOBpeople like you are why THESE GIRLS KIDS AND BOYS ARE COMING UP MISSING YOU DONT DESERVE THE AIR GOD GIVES YOU TO BREATHE YOU A WASTE OF SPACE

  8. THIS IS tattoos dont make a person trash a person that thinks the way you do makes a person trash this is my family and if it was a friend we would still do whatever it takes to get them home you need medicine and a padded room cause you are a (problem) that probally stems from childhood gotta hide who you are behind ANONYMOUS what kind of TRASH ARE YOU ……..I BET EVEN IF YOU HAD FAMILY MEMBER COME UP MISSING YOU WOULD HAVE NO HEART ON TRYING TO GET THEM HOME SAFE>YOU ARE A NO GOOD PIECE OF CRAP HURRY GET IN YOUR PADDED ROOM NUT JOBpeople like you are why THESE GIRLS KIDS AND BOYS ARE COMING UP MISSING YOU DONT DESERVE THE AIR GOD GIVES YOU TO BREATHE YOU A WASTE OF SPACE

  9. there is always 1 bad apple and writer #1 is it.. the power of prayers by one or more extinguishes negative sources.

  10. White trash??? Wow!! Your mommy and daddy must be white trash for you to be so rude! Did they not teach you manners? Its clear you were raised by ignorant parents!!!

  11. no progress she is now considerd abducted but the news channels wont show it it breaks my heart I pray god is watchin over her…she loved that baby girl more than anything that baby needs her!!!!!!!!!

  12. Prayers to Aria and her family, I do not know her but know many people that do, it is hard to believe that something like this can happen so close to home, I pray she makes it home to her family and daughter safely.

  13. I dont know her but I'm from eaton I'm 21 my son is almost 2 and I have numerous tattoos. So I guess that makes me white trash too? Even thou I work in the health field … so don't judge a book by its cover. To her family and friends I pray she is found and has a safe return home!

  14. WOW!! you THINK she's not white trash…of course..what can you say…that words are from a very close source so. we can not know for sure…

  15. no media involved…nobody understands…and failure to appear would not keep her from keepin contact with her daughter

  16. I normally don't post my opinions on these websites, but anonymous should be completely ashamed. I would like you to know that I got pregnant at the age of 19 and have 8 tattoos covering my body. I also have 2 college degrees, still attending college and guess what, I'M A POLICE OFFICER WHO TRIES TO FIND THOSE “WHITE TRASH” PEOPLE WHO GO MISSING! It does not matter what this young girl has on her body or at what age she had a baby, she deserves to be found and she deserves better than ANONYMOUS COWARDS posting humiliating comments about her. I pray you are never in her parents' shoes, her friends' or anyone elses' shoes that love someone who is missing.

  17. Anonymous come on show your real name if youre so bad. You have no heart. She got pregnant at 19 which tells me she was out of school. I cant belive what i read from you. Didnt your parents teach you manners or compassion? I dont like nor have tats but I would never call someone trash and more or less say they deserve this. Her poor baby,family and friends now are heart broken over her missing. Get a clue on what trash is. She looks like a very sweet girl. Shame on youyou

  18. I wanna know what kind of person searches the missing persons pages and comments crap like that. Does it make anonymous feel better to talk about her like that, maybe anonymous should be in Aria's place instead…. just sayin.

  19. Do we know if she was involved with prostitution? The photo of her wearing a skirt that barely covers her buttocks is certainly suspect.

  20. I actually went to school with this girl, and I can confirm Anon's accusations. Definitely was probably into something that she shouldn't have been.

  21. This lady is missing. We are quick to assume that Her presentation Now and in the past means she is or was into something. She is missing and a little girl needs her mommy. No one has led a perfect life.

  22. She was arrested twice? Was it for prostitution like the previous comment suggests? I'd believe it based on her appearance. She's probably in hiding drugged up somewhere. We should look for innocent people who get kidnapped not a junkie looking hooker.

  23. here's some math for you, Stacy. She is 20. her child is 1-1/2. To me, that means she had the baby when she was probably 18? So wouldn't that mean she got pregnant around 17? These are all estimates since we don't know the actual age of either – my point is: you're a bit mistaken when you say she got pregnant at 19.

  24. Innocent people versus junky looking hooker And she had it coming. Yes she made choices that she was going to have to deal with but her behavior does not mean that her soul was bad.

  25. I agree with the first comment. She is a white trash CRIMINAL. The police are wasting valuable time and money looking for her.

  26. And u are better than her because ? Karma has a funny way of coming back in full circle to bite you. When you are at the gates of heaven and you are asked about the situation, you will have to answer.

  27. What kind of idiot believes in karma and 'the gates of heaven'. One is judeo Christian nonsense and the other is based on ancient Indian beliefs. Two different religions. Of course I wouldn't expect someone spouting religious drivel to understand what they're saying. Facts over faith people. Facts over faith.

  28. Jebus? Haha. Love it. It's from an episode of The Simpsons. And yeah I love the religious dummies who post prayers to their god for her safe return. Ummmmm where was your god when she went missing? Where was your god when she starting screwing up her life by stealing? Stop calling out to your invisible sky daddy and step back to reality.

  29. No the facts the she will be 21 in december..but that really doesnt matter does it it matters that she is missing and her family is looking desperately for her. So before all run your mouths about when she was pregnant and had the baby just no the facts

  30. I knew the name was used in simpsons But it has biblical ties as well mr facts. You seemed to think that you know everything. You use the english language as a defense mechanism so you don't have to deal with emotions. Some Where in your childhood you were let down by a parental figure and the god people spoke about was never there. You are quick to judge and bully others. I believe that we make choices which can either be healthy or unhealthy. If we make unwise decisions then we are led down a destructive pathway. If we want a better life then. we need to make better choices. No one is perfect. I believe religion is a personal choice. It should not be used to hide from the wrong we have done. Some individuals are not fortunate enough to have mentors or parents to help them along the way.

  31. Dear jesus, I know you're busy causing floods and hurricanes to punish homosexuality but can you please help us locate this missing whore? K? Thanks! Kisses!

  32. Wow I knew there was stupid people in world but Anonymous hit number one spot of being stupiest person in world..are u going judge me Anonymous for having tattoos ? U sound like a ass making comments about missing person having tattoos and baby..if u cant read her tattoos then buy yourself some glasses

  33. Anonymous u are a her family friends sorry for my hope she ok wish u best..but Anonymous grow up what goes around comes around little boy

  34. I do unstand nikkie I am sorry for heart aches not knowing nothing..nikkie I will tell u why I get so mad at Anonymous. I was 17 my best friends was out drinking well they hit a tree

  35. Killing one of my best friends nikkie & his ex at funeral home screaming glad u r died..well she got her ass beat out side then here brother started he got couldnt tell u How many ass beatings she got now would of aadvice Anonymous shut up u may hate her but lay off because when u group people that love that one dont forgot.nikkie I am c.j if there anything I can do let me know 🙂 she not bad person just scared..I hope but keep me updated will help u out 10o%

  36. Hell stacy he was starting on a 15 year saying she looks like a 30 year white trash

  37. This is so sad I couldnt imagine what her little girl is feeling or thinking. Prayers for her family and especially her! Come home soon!

  38. For those of you bashing aria you guys are so pathetic this girl is missing an all you guys can do is judge her? Really grow up if it was your family members you'd do the same thing. I went to school with this girl She's jus another human being jus like you she has tattoos an is a young mother who cares I'm a tattooed young mother does that mean you should look at us different? NO grow the fuck up. Karmas a bitch. We miss you aria please find your way home! Your baby girl an your family an friends need you<3

  39. Do we know who was the last person to see her? I couldnt see in the fine print if she left her purse behind? Did anyone inquire with staff at the places she frequently went to, such as gas stations or coffee shops? Any bank activity? Where Did authorities search? It is hard when you are not part of the case.

  40. Thank u way I feel she is missing has a baby..but even if she not on here to def herself she got friends and people that dont know her that does care thank u anonymous for standing up 🙂

  41. Wow. As I read these harsh, ridiculous , pathetic comments about aria , my stomach quivers. I can not believe this. Dont judge a book by its cover. Noone is perfect , if we didnt make mistakes, we wouldnt learn. Im 19 and I just had a baby, I have tattoos, So it looks like im white trash too then, oh well . But I bet you couldnt walk a mile in her Shoes. I know Aria, & She is beautiful , has a good heart and one HELL OF A MOM. For everyone sitting here talking about her, im not even sure if you know aria to be judging her. I read a comment that said she had it coming bc her skirt was short, are you wearing it? No, && Just because her skirt was “too short” she had it coming?!? I dont understand and my heart hurts For her Family, bc you guys had to comment with Nothing supportive to say, her Family needs All the support they can get right now! Aria is someones daughter , sister, aunt, Niece, and a mommy to a beautiful Little girl. Just think if this was you, put your self in there Shoes For a minute and think how you would feel if your daughter was missing and had to put up with All this nonsense , and disrespectful comments…this is to get the Word around and support her Family and pray she makes it home safe. If you have Nothing nice to say, then dont say nothing at All.. simple as that… aria , her Family and friends nor her daughter dont deserve this, you have to be sick in the Head to say she deserves it. All your doing is making yourself look absolutley stupid.. God didnt put anyone on this earth to judge any one, you have NO RIGHT! Are you perfect do you do everything right….? NO ONE DOES , NO BODY IS PERFECT.. I hope karma , haunts you For being so cruel , and heartless. This shit makes me sick! So disrespectful , I hope that isnt how your parents raised you. Arias Family doesnt need the extra stress , drama, or kids/adults acting like they dont have no common sense. so if your on this page to talk Bad about aria, save yourself some time and dont write anything at All! Please and thank you, because I support Aria , Her Family , friends && the cops/detectives ect that are trying there best to bring her home safe! They have my support 100% . Aria get home girl, everyone misses and loves you. && thought I would add this Aria isnt the Type of mother to leave her kid For weeks and not call nor come home, The news needs to step it up! Prayers For Arias family… bring her home. #Candle.Light!

  42. wow,,,those of you who dog her need to think,,,one day this could be your child,,,i have tatoos and i am the proud mother of 6 sons,,,,so sweep off your own worthless ass back porch before you judge others,,,,karma is a bitch just rember that,,,it it will bite your nasty ass hard,,,dont judge less ye be judged,,,god is jdging alot of people right now,,,,bless this family and bring this child home

  43. Nikkie just dont read Anonymous bullshit..I am sorry that u got loved one missing & my heart goes out to her family and u Anonymous u must not have much of life all ladys r white trash but reading all your comments about ladys just got ask is you bf giving u any

  44. Using multiple commas, profanity and misspelled words shows your level of intelligence. You have SIX kids? What a great role model you are.

  45. It looks like a child wrote this. Proofread before you post if you want to be taken seriously.

  46. like I said earlier no one is perfect, yes I make mistakes too. Im not perfect, just like you space your words too far . oh my did you make a mistake? How daré you. I take it your grown? Well do you have kids? imagine if you were going through something like this, and All these strangers , or WHO ever was talking about your child like that. Dont any of you guys think she is going through enough right now? Im just wondering why you cant show a Little respect , or support to Arias family. proofread? A matter a fact, Im so disgusted with these heartless comments, I could careless if spell something wrong. im not trying to impress anyone. I dont need to. The only worry I have is hoping aria makes it home safe! Simple As That!

  47. Wow, Over look ignorance Aunt Terri. Looks like I have to repeat my self once again, Do you make mistakes? Yeah, Everyone does. Or do you think god made only you perfect? Yeah I gaurantee im spelling some of my words wrong, do i care? Not one bit, and I Really dont care if you have something smart ass to say, All of this disrespecting Aria and her family makes me sick! Dont you think they are dealing with enough right now? I just dont understand why you even waste your time writing negative comments.But it Seems to me that you guys have nothing better to do, and its sad, pathetic , and just out right cold hearted. I bet you that the girl you wrote, trying to make her sound stupid, I bet you she struggles in life and she has things going on that you have no idea about. not that you care anyways because you are a prick! I hope you cant sleep at night, I Really can not wait until reality smacks ALL you disrespectful kids right in the face. CAN WE GET SOME RESPECT FOR ARIA AND HER FAMILY? Some support? They deserve it! If I Talked to people the way you guys do i wouldnt have any teeth left. But remember one thing god see's everything. I am so done with arguing with everyone on here, just please dont write back unless its something supportive For them. thats All I ask For. some RESPECT.

  48. Why do you randomly capitalize words in the middle of a sentence? Aria's friends/family seem to be lacking anything past elementary school education.

  49. Respect? Where was Aria's respect for her daughter when she was out committing crimes? Shame on Aria for living a DISrespectful life.

  50. Why Dont You Mind Your Own Business? There I Capitalized Ever Word This Time. You Know What I Dont Understand Why You Are Too Busy Pointing Out Everyone Elses Mistakes. Some One s Life Must Be That Damn Miserable. Do You Even Know Aria Or Her Family??? They Arent Lacking Neither, They Ignore Imature Dumb Fucks Like You. What Are They Lacking Because They Arent Jumping Down Your Throat For Running Your Mouth? Right They Are More Worried About Bringing Aria Home Actually, There The Smart Ones , Im Done With This Conversation. #Team.Aria.

  51. Pathetic. You forgot the apostrophe in 'else's' and 'aren't', 'Immature' has 2 'm's and you don't know the difference between 'there' and 'they're'. There are other grammatical errors too but you probably wouldn't know. Please keep posting so we can all see how dumb you are. I love ignorant white trash. Highly entertaining. When you're done with your shift at Wal Mart please reply.

  52. To the self-righteous, narcissistic, malingering, nothing better to do, socially impoverished grammar critics and mud slinging idiots who feel that the only way to feed and strengthen your self-esteem is by taking advantage of a tragic situation on a public website, crawl back into the hole you crawled out of.

  53. I've read all these comments and while I agree that some are harsh I think they reflect the way many people feel. This girl was a criminal and, given her appearance, was probably loose with her morals. I'm not saying she deserved it but she definitely was trouble.

  54. I understand what you are saying. Her lack of morals contributed to her poor life choices. Her choice of clothing needed refinement. I have read the comments (by both genders) that if you are a woman and dress like that, then if something happens to you you deserved it. This type of thinking. has already permeated every social, religous, academic and vocational system that has been in existence for hundreds of years. Several advancements have been made on the behalf of women. The other frame of thinking is racial and that is the term, “White trash” and has generally been applied to women. It dowsnt matter what your economic status is because with money or political and/ or religous status, as well as intelligence level, it is easier to hide who you really are.

  55. The education of morals begins early in life and continues throughout the developmental process. If parents educate ad recorrect them as necessary, then the child grows up knowing right from wrong. As u notice. I use the word recorect. What factors impede and lnfluence an adult to stray from morals. As a child, if you are ridiculed for making poor choices,yet parents are making poor choices in front of the child, the child gros up confused, angry and getting in trouble.
    Other factors that impact behavior are neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD. Other contrbuting factors are brain injuries, developmental disabilities, and other medical and psychiatric disorders. To say that her choice of clothing equates to that she wanted it or deserved it is wrong on so many levels.

  56. Do yo feel better by engaging in first grade behavior? Did you miss your nap today?

  57. Do 'yo' feel better? Why is everyone who defends this missing prostitute so dumb?

  58. Wow anon, you've spent all these days whining like a BITCH about grammar and other stupid bullshit. How do you know she was into prostitution, were you a client, did you do something to cause her disappearance? Get a life, job and move out of your parents basement… You low-life pond sucking bottom feeder… Prayers to all who love and miss this girl, hope she is found safe and comes home to her family…

  59. You 'saw' her. Price Hill should be capitalized and sentences end in periods. Why are the people who know this missing criminal so dumb?

  60. I hope she is found safe but why did her family put that picture of her in the missing poster? You want people to care and look for her not roll their eyes at her inappropriate attire and dismiss her.

  61. What does it matter…atleast people try to help …istead of being mr smartass /….I talked to her sister and I told her that I seen a flower tat on her neck and she said that's her…when I seen her she looked really familiar…also think I seen her coming out of the walmart in wester hills ..which is close to price hill

  62. Wow a young lady is missing despite her choices and people want to talk bad about her and talk about peoples comments… No one is perfect and people make bad choices but no one can judge her!!! You kids need to grow up because this is someones mom, daughter, sister and so on and no matter if she was a junkie/whore (not saying she was) she still needs to be brought home safe!! Didn't parents teach you to have something nice to say or don't say anything at all? I hope you come home safe Aria… GROW UP PEOPLE!!! You would want someone to help find a family member that was lost!!!

  63. Are you so dumb that you don't know the difference between 'seen' and 'saw'? You spell like a third grade child.

  64. I don't like the pic either….but the fact is: she is missing…& not being took seriously…everybody arguing on here is being childish…aria is my friend I worry/think about her everyday…..I pray she is safe somewhere & is found soon!!

  65. Not being 'took'? Seriously? The word is 'taken'. Every person claiming to be her friend seems to have the education level of an 8 year old. I feel like I'm on an episode of Honey Boo Boo.

  66. How much education do you need to have to know how to use past tense verbs and simple punctuation? Grammar school?

  67. I'd like to meet you…so I could beat the fuck out of you…then you will be spelling like a 1st grader

  68. Many people have learning disabilities. Since you didn't answer my question, it must mean that you most likely have a HS diploma.

  69. I'm not going to defend the insensitive comments anonymous has made but I will say they're right about the terrible spelling. I doubt these people coincidentally ALL have learning disabilities. If someone I loved disappeared I would certainly present myself better in a public forum than these people. It's hard to inspire sympathy if you appear ignorant.

  70. Beat the 'fuck' out of you? Ignorant, violent white trash rears its ugly head.

  71. You would be surprised just how many individuals have a learning disability. You don't inspire sympathy. In order to be sympathetic, you have to have an emotional IQ. To use descriptive words such as ignorant, you place yourself in a position of superiority. If you happen to be called ignorant in the future, you will fall hard.

  72. I don't got a learning disability I spell how I spell so fuck u trying to say we have disabilities i dont care what u think or nothin all we want is our friend back not ur drama that don't mater

  73. OMG a young woman is missing and has a family and a baby and some ones wants to be an ass wtf has the world come to? i hope she is found and safe i bet that baby would love for her mama to hold her again to see her face to hug her to make her feel safe wtf come this is a person we are talking about come on have some heart

  74. WOW anonymous really? You need GOD in your life. Just remember when your times comes the only one judging is the man above and I wouldnt want to be in your shoes come that day.

  75. Another dummy comments. Some 'ones'? You mean 'someone'. 'I' is capitalized. Sentences end in periods.

  76. Where were this girls parents?? She got pregnant as a teenager, covered her body in trashy tattoos, committed crimes and worked as a strippe? If you raise your children with standards and hold them accountable they don't turn out this way.

  77. She is someone's daughter, someone's sister, a mother, and god's child. Her character and whether you think she lived life to your standards is not what this thread should be about, but useful information to bring this child home. And if a criminal act has been committed then when need to focus on punishing that person. Have a heart, there are family members grieving and praying for her safe return. I don think know this young lady but I will pray for her safe return and to be reunited with her family.

  78. To those that know this young woman: please stop reading the cruel words of Internet trolls. It is counterproductive and won't do you any good. Some people cannot and will not listen. You are in my prayers.

    “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

  79. I cannot even imagine what would posses you to post that horrible statement other than you are ignorant!!!! She is missing and does it really matter what side of the tracks she is from? I pray she is found safe and soon.

  80. Anonymous you are sick for saying wat you said.she has a family that is looking for her and wat you said is awful!

  81. I saw Aria's mother on the news. Apparently the tattooed apple doesn't fall far from the white trash tree.

  82. You know what, you worthless turds… people are people. You want to judge this young girl for making bad choices… there isn't one person here that hasn't screwed up in some way in their life. Who are you to pass judgement? Simple fact is this girl is someone's daughter and she is also a little girl's mommy. If things turn out to be true, then this is a very sad event. You heartless cowards that talk shit would hide in the shadows if you had to come face to face with a real person. Anyone can hide behind the anonymity of a computer.

    Fact is that if she is gone then a mother will have to face the death of a child and a little girl will never get to know her mother. I have known a lot of people from all walks of life and I cannot judge any of them. I too have made a lot of mistakes in my life and I would dare any of you shittalkers to call me out on them in person, but I know you would cower in fear. Idiots…

    Anyways, my prayers go out to the family of Aria. I hope that it isn't true, but if this pans out at least there will be closure. I know that isn't much consolation in this time, but know that us NORMAL people are praying for her and her little girl and her family. It is just a sad circumstance all around. Nobody deserves to have their life snuffed out, no matter how bad their lives were.

    And I sincerely hope you childish cowards don't have anything this brutal happen to you, as karma is a bitch and has a way of seeking out those that think they are above it.

    God Bless.

  83. We are all God's children and do not deserve judgement from any man. My prayers go out to Aria and her family and I hope she is safe and did not come to a bad end. For those with bad comments, I also pray that you find the love of Jesus someday and can look at life differently before yours ends. Seek Him, and you will find peace in your tormented soul…may God bless Aria and her loved ones.

  84. Grammar will not save your life. Do you feel safe behind your computer screen? YOU SUCK and there's nothing that can fix that problem. So enjoy your amazing grammar (that really doesn't matter)…you still SUCK as a human being. I'm willing to bet my last dollar that anyone that knows you think that you suck too. #jackass

  85. PS she was found yesterday. She wasn't “hiding out or all drugged up”. Her mother is planning her funeral today. Her only daughter is now a motherless child.

    Thank GOD there are so many perfect people with perfect lives and let's not leave out…good grammar because that's what matters.

  86. You seem to have some major issues to even get on a site like this and talking nasty to people and about people, almost have to pity you as you are so pathetic, apparently you have no life ,and to continue this nonsense shows how pathetic you are, you apparently are disturbed or you would not even be on here not sure what your place is commenting on here anyway, I do know some of the family and wont even tell you how wrong and ignorant you are as you will just say something even more ignorant and I don't want to feed fuel to the fire of a lunatic, not real sure why you are so busy on this site and continue talking about this girl, tells us a lot about you, so sorry for the family.

  87. Of course we should judge people. Otherwise where are our standards? How do you know right from wrong? Aria was raised by a tattooed mother which gave Aria the impression that tattoos are ok. Her tattoos prevented her from getting a respectable job so she became a stripper. Classy. She get knocked up as a teenager and engaged in criminal acts. Mother of the year. If only she was raised with STANDARDS then maybe her life wouldn't have gone the way it did. You bleeding heart cry babies would rather sit back, say nothing and pray to your gods when she goes missing. Man up. Call a spade a spade. These white trash losers are a danger to society.

  88. Sad but true. Who knows where her life would have led her. She certainly wasn't contributing anything to society.

  89. TO EVERYONE WHO KNEW HER: Where was all this love and compassion when she was screwing up her life?? Where the hell were you when she made one bad choice after another? You let her put her infant daughter in danger because NONE of you called her out on her trashy disrespectable life. When you see someone playing with matches you stop them BEFORE the house burns down.

  90. the sad part is the person who has taken her is still out there and you people think its a good thing for some reason but im sure you wont think its so funny when this person gets your kid or sister remember that………

  91. No… the sad part is that if she would have been at home with her kids instead of out here bein a jig this wouldn't have happend. Make better choices people.

  92. to the people on here that are saying these horrid things. Aria was a person just like every other person. You need jesus in your life if you can say good riddance to this. Her family is hurting. obviously if you can say that and hide your identity you are a coward!!!

  93. I don't understand people who feel empowered by attacking people via the Internet. Is there a moderator for this type of disrespectful behavior?

  94. Please let me know if you all want me to remove the negative comments about Aria. I see them, but leave them alone so that there is some freedom here, but I will let the majority rule on this one. Just let me know.

  95. Personally, I think it is a tragedy that individuals are so judgmental and ignorant. Would they be making these kind of negative comments if it was a family member of theirs, a sister, mother, daughter? I think for the respect of the family during this time of understanding and healing that the negative responses should be removed. Regardless of how one lives their life, it is in no way justification for someone to take it and discard it like trash as what has happened to Aria. Out of respect for the family, they should be removed.

  96. Out of respect for Aria's daughter she should not have engaged in criminal acts. Out of respect for Aria's daughter she should not have tattooed herself so she would not have been taken seriously as a job applicant (many businesses will not hire someone with visible tattoos. Out of respect for Aria's daughter she should nor have been a drug addicted stripper. There is nothing wrong with holding someone accountable for their choices. Don't direct your anger at me for pointing out facts. We, as a society, should embrace standards and not sit by while someone like Aria destroys her life and, more importantly, her daughter's. I have no sympathy for Aria nor the enablers she surrounded herself with. You can hate my comments and delete them but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.

  97. What is wrong with you anonymous? Aria was young, she didn't deserve this, her daughter didn't deserve to not have her mommy and Arias mother surely didn't deserve to lose her daughter this way. Obviously this doesn't mean anything to you, this has nothing to do with you (or anyone else who is talking so rudely about my cousin), so tell me why are you even bothering yourself with posting your horrible opinion here? This was posted to help locate a young woman, not to have judgmental hypocrites be rude (I can guarantee your not prefect and have made your fair share of mistakes). Aria was only 20, she still had lots of life to live. As for you, I am not an evil person but I sincerely hope this happens to your daughter or sister… only then can you know how her family feels.

  98. My sisters are well adjusted and successful. They were raised with standards therefore they aren't tattooed strippers. Violence can happen to anyone BUT you are certainly more likely to become a victim if you lead the life that Aria did. You say she was your cousin. Ok, what did you and the rest of her family do to help prevent this? Her mother certainly lowered the bar by covering herself with tattoos. What kind of example was that for Aria? How could Aria ever expect to get a job looking so trashy with a body covered in that ridiculous ink. Who was a role model for Aria? Who raised her to respect herself and her body? Who held her accountable for her actions? Your argument that she was only 20 makes it that much worse. By the time she hit 20 she had a baby, an arrest record, a drug problem, trashy tattoos and worked as a stripper. WHO'S FAULT IS THAT? Instead of directing your anger at me direct it at the people who failed her. Direct your anger at the ones who let a 20 year old girl fall so far. Unlike you I don't wish this fate on anyone. I'm pointing out how PREVENTABLE this is. Everyone could be a victim but you raise your risk with certain life choices.

  99. Anonymous, your negative comments show that you are ignorant and closed minded. And sadly, the more we reflect on your ignorance only gives you attention that you must so crave. Let me point out that tattoos don't keep people from being hired into good jobs.. I know many great nurses, doctors, individuals working for the government, people of all ages, with visible tattoos. And if you are so stuck on the fact that we should be living by standards, what are you doing to reach out to those who you believe are not living up to them and showing them a better way of life as you so call it. What are you contributing to society to help make it a better place to live? Do you get off on going on to missing people's profiles and post negative comments? As a society, we should be uplifting others and showing them love and hope, not tearing them down. But I get it, you must be Christian, because it is only those of Christian belief that feel that it is appropriate to cast judgment on others even though it goes against the bible. Because even Jesus loves the sinner. And to post as Anonymous continuously, what do you have to hide? What skeletons are there hidden in your family closet? I pray that one day that your eyes open and you see the truth. I pray that no violence ever comes to any of your family members that will cause for you to endure the pain as this family has and then have individuals reflect negative comments about your loved one. None of us have the right to throw stones, because none of us are perfect and sin free.

  100. 1) I'm an atheist. I don't have nonsensical supernatural beliefs. 2) Why are you afraid to call her out on her life choices? Attacking me doesn't solve the problem. This world would be better if people were held to standards and held accountable for their actions. 3) Statistically people with visible tattoos are poorer, uneducated and have a higher rate of incarceration. You can Google these facts. There are always exceptions but they are rarer. 4) What's wrong with criticizing a drug addicted criminal? Should we ignore the danger these people present to society? Are these the people you want living next door to you? There's right and there's wrong. Grow some balls and stand up against the bad guys.

  101. this is so sad, i recently started a job there and no matter what she did she didnt deserve to die

  102. First off i would like to say to the family sorry for your lost of Aria someone child,mother,sister,friend i could only imagine how you feel no one should have to go through this…and i'm reading alot of negative comments no matter what she did or done…we all have done things We may not be proud of But do we deserve to be talked down on or thrown away like trash…but people who talk down on other people for what they have done in their past are ignorant and ignorant is Bliss….all I have to say I will not be ignorant like those that made it not comments may God continue to watch over you in your time of need time heals all wounds god bless you and your family

  103. First, if you are going to cite stats, take a few classes in stats and take some reseatch classes so that you know what you are talking about. There is a reason why there is a judicial systm in place …to sort out facts from comments or opinions from those. Who are narrow minded and opinionated with limited knowledge. Fot those of you who focus on Aria as a criminal, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror because because yoi may have done things that border on criminal behavior but have never been caught. That is the differencr between you and Aria. At least Aria was trying to earn money for her child. There is nothimg wrong with identifying the life choices thay have placed her at risk. What is wrong is the arrogance and holier than thou attitudes that. Many people do not have a clue about who their their neighbors are and if you did, you would be shocked. Rather than blaming, think about how you can make a contribution to your comumity.

    To Arias family and friends, i am sorry for your loss.

  104. LOL at the fact that you said you will not be ignorant and then you babble on about a god 'watching over you'. Yep. That's pretty ignorant.

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