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Bethany Arceneaux: Abducted and then tracked and found by family that shot her abductor

 Marcus putting Bethany in the car after rescuing her.

Love, guts and determination helped a family rescue their abducted missing loved one on Friday.

Ryan Arceneaux, the abducted woman’s brother stated on Saturday that they had kicked a door down to rescue his sister and if they had waited she would have been dead, reports USA Today.

Bethany Arceneaux, 29, of Duson, La., was abducted by Scott Thomas, the father of her child on Wednesday, Nov. 6 from a daycare parking lot. Their child was left behind in the car as Thomas drove away, taking Bethany with him.

Bethany had a restraining order against Thomas, but it didn’t keep him from forcibly taking her and disappearing.

Luckily, someone saw the incident and called the police giving them the description of the car that he was driving.

Wednesday evening, Thomas’ car was found near an abandoned sugarcane field in Lafayette Parish. Bethany’s shoe was found in the car, the other one had been lost earlier that day in the daycare parking lot.

Police spent that night and all the next day searching through sugarcane that was up to eight-feet-tall, but nothing was found.

According to Captain Kip Judice of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Department Bethany’s family took up the search themselves and came across an abandoned house. As they approached it they heard a scream.

The family members kicked the door in and found Thomas stabbing Bethany.
“The cousin who was armed, began firing several shots at Thomas,” Judice told ABC News. “After a couple of shots, she was able to get free of him.”

Bethany was rescued and carried to the car by Marcus Arceneaux and took her to the hospital. Bethany is recovering in the hospital and has been reunited with her son.
Thomas died at the house and Bethany’s cousin under Louisiana law had the right to protect her from imminent bodily harm.

There has been no explanation why the family members decided to go in themselves instead of waiting for the police.

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