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Alfred Wright: Missing from Hemphill Found

UPDATE:  1/16/14 – There is much controversy over whether Alfred’s death was caused by an overdose or not.

The official report from a Beaumont medical examiner stated  “combined drug intoxication,” with levels of cocaine and its byproducts “within lethal range” along with methamphetamine and amphetamine. It was also stated there were “no signs of trauma” on Wright’s body, but the family says that there was.  As his ear was missing and it appeared his throat was cut.

The autopsy stated “animal activity over the face, eyes and left ear,” and “the absence of the right and left central upper incisors” for the same reason.

The family is fighting for someone else to look over the postmortem photographs of Alfred.

UPDATE:  11/25/13 – Sadly the body of Alfred Wright probably has been found near Coussons Road around 4 p.m., said Investigator Chuck Foreman.

“The actual last known was right here at this private property where they had hollered at him. So this was the last known. This is where the grid search procedures need to be 100 percent and that’s what we were doing–completing the 100 percent grid search,” Foreman said.

Federal court documents indicated Wright’s wife told deputies Wright may have been using an unknown substance causing him to be paranoid. The document was a petition for a warrant for Wright’s arrest, as he had violated his bond conditions.

UPDATE:  11/14/13 – New information has surfaced about missing Alfred.  Records show that he was charged with theft, embezzlement or misapplication by a bank employee, and had made arrangements to post $50,000 in bail following a federal hearing in Beaumont.

Evidently, Alfred worked at the Tennessee bank in January of 2011 and is accused of defrauding them for more than $1,000.  Family have said they did not know anything about the charges.

Alfred was to appear in court for a criminal jury trial on Dec 9 at 9:30 a.m.

Law enforcement officers are not drawing any link between the indictment and Alred’s disappearance.

Alfred Wright, 28, went missing from Hemphill, Texas after his car overheated and broke down last Thursday night, November 7, 2013.

A store clerk saw Alfred Wright get out of his truck while talking on his cell phone and put his cell phone in his pocket and run towards a paved road heading towards town.  The clerk said she couldn’t see his face, but he seemed frustrated his truck was having problems.

Alfred’s mother said she had gotten a call from her daughter-in-law telling her Alfred’s truck was broken down.  She left Jasper to go help him but he wasn’t there when she got there.

Authorities found his scrub shirt, pants, watch, keys and a little silver metal “deal” that kept his I.D. and credit cards in it that belong to Wright in a pasture outside of town, located in the opposite direction of where the store clear said she saw Wright go.

There have been extensive searches since Thursday for Alfred, but he has not been located.  At one point they found clothing stuck on a barbed wire fence which leaves them to believe he went over it.

If you would like to help in the search you can meet at the Nehemiah Center in Jasper oat 640 Pollard Street.

Alfred is 5’9″ tall, 170 pounds and he would be wearing UnderArmour.  If you see him, please call the Sabine County Sheriff’s Department at 409-787-2266.

18 thoughts on “Alfred Wright: Missing from Hemphill Found

  1. bein from east tx.. n a young black man married to a young white woman… somebody set him up for his truck to quit… jasper Is like bein in mississippi bck in 1950 ….somebody got this young man n feel so sorry for his family n I bet u the police aint go do nun bout it… sorry folks

  2. I agree, Jasper area has some really narrow minded folks, I pray for this family and I hope he is found safe and soon, I hope he did run and nothing terrible has happened to him.

  3. I am from Jasper and have known Alfred since I was 8 and his wife since I was 3. This community has had problems in the past, but they have received nothing but love and support from both sides since they married. Get the facts straight before you start making accusations that this was racially motivated.

  4. Foul play seems have taking place to me.Someone had to be chasing him for his clothing to be torn on a fence.He was trying to get away.Only thing I cant understand is why would he take off running from the store…..and then his belongings are found in the opposite direction.I Pray for Mr.Alfred Wright to be alive and well in Jesus name amen!!

  5. I agree..being from East Texas also, specifically Jasper, there is a lot of racism and racial inequalities in place. I was shocked but not surprised the search was called off early. No value is placed on a Black person's life in these back woods towns. Jasper sheriff had conducted an unsuccessful search two years for an elderly woman and her son that mysteriously disappeared while fishing. Their REMAINS were discovered recently in the area which the sheriff dept CLAIMED TO HAVE SEARCHED…
    All very sad… my prayers go out to to the family

  6. Three former police officers, all of them white, were found guilty today of murdering a black man who was severely beaten in an East Texas jail more than two years ago in a case that provoked sharp racial tensions in the region.

    The victim, Loyal Garner Jr., a 34-year-old truck driver, was mortally injured while being held in a small county jail in Hemphill, near the Texas-Louisiana border. Mr. Garner was arrested for drunken driving on Christmas Day 1987 and died two days later in a hospital in Tyler.

  7. LOL. In Jesus name? Where was Jesus when he disappeared? Silly superstitious nonsense.

  8. Its not about the color.. we all bleed red.. i pray that he returns safe to his family.. god be with the family

  9. I believe that u need prayer ur self.. jesus is with u all tbe time.. don't dis every one elses beliefs just because u don't believe

  10. The past is the past in every town/city in America!!!! You do not know how this little town works, all you do is sit behind a computer screen, google Hemphill, TX, and read all the negative stuff that pops up!!!! THAT CASE WAS 26 YEARS AGO! Furthermore, were you a deputy in 1987 for Sabine County Sheriff's Office???? Do you know exactly what happened??? I would say NO YOU WEREN'T & NO YOU DON'T! You only know what you “googled!” I was born and raised in Hemphill, TX, where I currently live now-raising my 10 yr. old daughter! We have lived different places, in bigger cities, but I wanted to raise my child in a small town where there isn't a lot of violence everyday! So if you know nothing about Hemphill, TX or the rest of Sabine County for that matter, shut up because you make yourself look like a moron, quoting something that happened almost 30 years ago!

  11. So, answer the question: Where was Jesus when all this happened to this man? Why was he allowed to end up like this if Jesus is good and was with him? Never get straight answers when you ask that.

  12. Lisa, Evil is from the devil, who man invited into our world. Jesus gives us a chance to be close to God. Jesus' sacrifice on the cross gives us a chance at something Eastern religions will never know: forgiveness of sins. And a home for our souls in Heaven with our loved ones that have predeceased us. You sound very angry and that's okay. God can take it. Hope you feel better soon.

  13. His wife thought he was under the influence of something. He had lethal levels of 2 deadly recreational drugs. Stimulants make you paranoid and running away thinking people are after you is not uncommon. Animal activity on the head/neck explains the injuries the family reports. I do not see this as any kind of mystery. Sad though. Prayers for th he family.

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