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Patrick McStay: I do not suspect Chase Merritt

11/22/13 – This morning I read that Michael McStay alerted the police that there were tracks near where the McStay’s were found, according to the Daily Mail.  Looking at the photos in the article there are two distinctive ruts side by side about 67 inches apart.

“The two trenches are symmetrical and exactly the same distance apart,” said Michael.  “We measured the distance between the tracks and I called my friend at a machine hire rental place to ask what kind of machine has tracks 67 inches apart.  He said it would be a Bobcat.” Evidently, the police never saw the tracks and told the Daily Mail, “I am glad to hear Mr. McStay contacted us with this information.”

When the victim’s own brother has to point out things to the police, well, you gotta wonder why?  This is the same police that told Michael, the McStay home was not a crime scene.  (See video)  Now we know that it may have been.

According to Michael the police are going to be going back and questioning everyone again, but it is apparent via comments that social media has one particular person in mind they believe may have had something to do with the McStay’s disappearance, and even he is aware of it.

Chase told the Daily Mail on Thursday that he was aware that people are commenting that he was behind the McStay’s disappearance because of his past burglary conviction over 20 years ago.  He also stated that he didn’t think that “his [Joey’s] dad is talking about me because he has mentioned someone with an attempted murder charge and I have never done anything violent.”

Patrick began hearing rumors himself and even that he was leading the charge against Chase, but he told me yesterday he wanted to make it clear that he does not believe that Chase is involved.  Patrick wrote:

“I want everyone to know is that the online interview with Chase, reported incorrect information and appears that someone may have said I suspect Chase, that is blatantly false! Another family member has told people all along he suspected Chase. I can tell you personally my son, Joey always spoke highly of Chase. Oh sure we discussed (Joey and I) Chase many times however Joey liked Chase and Chase always spoke highly of my son. I have personally had several conversations with Chase and do not in any way suspect Chase Merritt.”

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20 thoughts on “Patrick McStay: I do not suspect Chase Merritt

  1. Jerrie, your posts are always so well done and informative. Thank you for all you do here on this site.

    Yesterday I was perusing an article on CNN about the McStays and oddly enough, there was a comment from someone who stated they could see the tracks when using google Earth. The coordinates for Google Earth, as posted by this person, are: (grave 1), 34°36'5.85″N 117°15'25.22″W and (grave 2) 34°36'5.97″N 117°15'25.54″W The images available are from March 21, 2013. The tracks are clearly visible. You can also view an image of the same area from 2009–you will see that the area in question is undisturbed.

    My first thoughts when reading the comments were that it was not possible for tracks to remain in an area for approximately 4 years. However, it is odd that are still visible now, 8 months later, from March as shown in the images of Google Earth, until Nov. when the memorial took place.

    Other thoughts were that the police would probably be all over that if there were tracks near by. Clearly that was not the case, and I am extremely disappointed. Unless the police did know but did not release the information to the press and/or family members so that it would not undermine the investigation.

    Anyway, if you are in contact with Michael McStay, could you possibly forward those coordinates to him? Perhaps he would like to pass that on to the police as well, since the tracks were still there in March 2013, and both tracks seem to lead directly to both graves. It could be unrelated but it is odd that the tracks run up directly them.

  2. Oh sorry, I wanted to add that one set of tracks are narrower than the other. It is clear that there are 2 different vehicles.

  3. I am shocked so many of you claim you want to find justice for the McStay family and yet here is a posted Watts video that should never have been released a first time nor this second time. Between you Jerrie advance releasing information regarding the four bodies given to you by Patrick when he was asked to withhold the information until the official police press conference; Watts harming Tim Miller and his organization’s reputation by once again proving to the world Mr. Miller will allow anyone into a crime scene without any respect for the missing persons; Rick Baker who on one radio show claims he did not start working on the McStay case until March but immediately following claims he had the McStay emails prior to Mike removing the computer from the home; it does not seem any of you care if this case is resolved. What are all of you are trying to do to the investigation of this case? There have been constant lies, constant unfounded accusations and theories where there is no evidence to support them and all because all of you seem to want to be the ultimate word on this case. WebSlueth’s radio founder has never once on either of her shows that featured the SELF PUBLISHED Rick Baker asked him to prove one thing he states about this case as fact and avoids the fact that Rick Baker promised to lead a television crew to the McStay family in Costa Rica. Pictures and information supplied by others is being used without credit and facts change from day to day depending on the mood of the various writers. The list could continue, but the point is made.
    If the same newspapers who are now publishing stories about the bodies of the McStays would have all covered their disappearance, maybe they would have found them sooner. I hope none of you are responsible for this case not being able to be resolved by your rushing to the air waves and ruining so many lives in the process. Jerrie Dean, I do not understand how you feel you are helping the missing by your actions.

  4. First of all whether Patrick wanted to release that information and to whom was his choice. The police never told him to not release the info because they never told him that Joey and Summer were found, a family member did. Do not lump me in with RB. This whole post is mostly about him and websleuths, and has nothing to do with me. Whatever they did I did not do and I feel you have over generalized and included me in with others actions. If anyone is responsible for this case not being solved it would be the police that gave up on looking for them when they decided they crossed the border over 3 years ago. There is much more that I know and certainly there is even more that the family known that has NOT been released to the public in order to not jeopardize the investigation. If my goal was to be first print, I would have came out with that information by now. I am helping by bringing out where the ball was dropped and by whom so that no one else is labeled voluntarily missing without a thorough investigation. My actions every day are to help the missing, and I am surprised and insulted that you would question my motives.

  5. I wouldn't lump this website in with Rick Baker's. This website allows for some healthy discussion at least. Rick Baker's site is a joke – he removed all healthy discussion and then proceeded to trash and allow others to trash the McStay family based upon his judgement of a photo. Rick seems unstable the way he deletes comments en masse based upon some noble ideal, then hours later is trashing the family like it's an episode of Jerry Springer. Seriously, there is something wrong with that guy and his blog site is a disgrace. Keep up the good work here, they will soon catch the killer and his accomplice.

  6. I love your work and site and all you do to help people. If I were missing or missing a loved one Id want you on the case Jerrie! Thank you for all that you do!

  7. I do want others to be able to discuss and talk. There is a forum too where you can discuss cases, too, but doing it here is just fine. I do see all the comments on the website good and bad.

  8. Jeannie, would you be able to say if it was time for Joey to have Jonah for the weekend?

  9. I watched the disappeared episode and it looked like some painting supplies were left out, and it looked like the paint brush was left with paint in it. The episode talked about her hiring a painter that didn't disappeared and didn't finish so a friend came by on the weekend prior to their disappearance and helped them paint, but I imagine they would have cleaned up that day, so who was painting? Who left the brush out?

  10. I so get your point entirely. Mea culpa, I am making a huge apology to everyone here and to the good folks that run these venues in which we are able to share our views with each other. Recently, a fellow poster pointed out to me that I was making unfounded assertions and basically, stated that doing this was unethical. After some thought, I realize that that poster was absolutely correct. In making spurious and nebulous assertions, I was possibly causing undue, and possibly, unwarranted, intrusions on others’ rights to privacy. I am very sorry for my lapse in judgment and have made myself a promise to stay away from these boards as I apparently tend to jump to conclusions and “post” before thinking out the impact. I will point out that I was slightly “infected” by the spirit and the almost universal desire to “help” bring the BGs to the forefront in this very sad case. From reading other folks’ posts, I see that I am not alone in my actions. I just pray that LE is not stymied or waylaid from their investigations by spurious and unfounded postings on various websites. Thank you.

  11. Really? Do you think LE sits around reading this stuff? Possibly for entertainment but obviously there is no evidence found here and LE works off of evidence. These are public boards and we are free to speculate all we want based upon what we know. It is a harmless exercise and hardly an intrusion of privacy. Making derogatory comments, spreading falsehoods, or innuendos is wrong but discussing what is known about this case, including the possible suspects is all fair game – it is already in the public domain…

  12. I believe the front tires are not quiet as wide as the back tires for the vehicle I believe left the tracks. If you read my story on the 67 inch tire you'll read more detail.

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