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Dale Robinson: Senior missing from Moville

Dale Robinsons, 84, from Moville, Iowa was last seen on Aug. 3, 2013.  A surveillance video shows him at the Argosy Casino on Sioux City’s riverfront on August 3, where he would go to pick up his wife, Betty. 

His son, Robert Robinson has been searching for his dad and his maroon 2000 Ford F-150 single cab truck with Iowa plate 870-ZCF since he went missing.    Robert is worried that his dad may have left on his own because of his Alzheimer’s. 

There have been possible sightings of Dale in Councel Bluffs and Missouri Valley, Iowa.

“I have troubles with the emotions thinking that he’s out there somewhere by himself and that he’s passed, alone and scare, no family around him, no nothing,” said Robert. 

If you see Dale or his truck, please call the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office at 712-279-6510 or 911. 

Dale is 5’6″ tall, 116 pounds with gray hair. 

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  1. This is a very sad story. I have great sympathy 4 the family. However, If there is an actual diagnosis of possible or probable Alzheimer's by a licensed medical doctor, the state licensing Board of Medical Examiners should terminate that MD's license. The doc has a responsibility to society to fill out the legal paperwork to temporarily or permanently suspend someone's drivers license when they receive a new diagnosis that can impact their ability to think clearly, respond quickly, or assess a hazard. If the doc won't do it, Who can?

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