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Mason Cox and David Wood: Missing from Dawsonville Found

UPDATE:  1/14/14:  The medical examiner ruled the cause of death for Mason  and David as drowning. The autopsy revealed that there were no internal or external injuries.

UPDATE:  1/10/14 – According to the Dawson County Sheriff’s office they have pulled two bodies from Lake Lanier.

In a statement on their Facebook page, the sheriff’s office said the bodies are believed to be Mason Cox and David Wood.

UPDATE:  1/8/14 – The search for Mason and David is still ongoing.  The Help Find Mason Cox and David Wood Facebook page has a post that states that “A couple of boys came into the office driving a nice blace Mercedes asking about tent camping on such a cold night they never came back but just waited to share this hoping this might help. the name of the park is little tallapoosa park.”

Plus the page is asking for information to track down JP Bruce.

“If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of John Paul Bruce, JP Bruce on Facebook, please let me know so we can get in contact with him and get closer to finding my brother Mason Cox and David Wood!”

 Previous story:

Two young men have gone missing after night fishing at the Frederick’s Cove neighborhood in Dawsonville, Georgia.

Mason Cox, 20 and David Wood, 20, from Dawson County were reported missing on Thursday, January 2.

“They went night fishing that morning and were supposed to come back and hang out with us for the day after New Year’s.
 said Lea Cox, Mason’s mother.  “They didn’t come back. We haven’t seen them since. We don’t know where they are.”

Last post on Mason Cox’s Facebook page
Ron Cox, Mason’s father who is a bounty hunter for
Cox Fugitive Recovery and Executive Protection Services & Investigationspost candidly about his son

According to Deputy Wooten, the Sheriff’s Office has found evidence that they boys did fish from a neighbor’s pier.

Lea Anne said that they have been friends for years and grew up on the lake and it wasn’t uncommon for them to go night fishing. 

There is some speculation that they may have returned early in the morning and left again, as their fishing poles were found.   Both of the young men’s cars were left  at Mason’s home along with personal items like Mason’s cell phone and wallet. 

Mason Cox

A neighbor’s surveillance video shows a car arriving at the home and then leaving.  It is unknown who was in the car.

“Everybody is here for them.  Nothing is going to happen.  Everything is great.  If anything is wrong, don’t worry, we’re here to support you. Look at all of these people behind you, they love you, we’re here,” said Lea Anne during a news conference.

If you know something about their disappearance, you’re asked to call the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office at 706-344-3636.

6 thoughts on “Mason Cox and David Wood: Missing from Dawsonville Found

  1. Ice fishing? Either foul play or they went fishing and fell through the ice. The fact that both young men are MIA is a curious incidence.

  2. That is def a typo. I live 10 minutes from there in North GA. It's been cold but def not cold enough to freeze the lake. They went NIGHT fishing.

  3. People fish at night all the time! It is not uncommon so don't judge! No the lake probably wasn't frozen but these boy's are missing and it is heart breaking. Can you imagine this being your child whether it was night or day fishing. Fact remains these boy's are missing! Please Pray for the for a safe return and the family. This is tragic. A Mother's, Father's, Brother's Sister's Family, Friend,s worst nightmare. Prayers for these boy's and the family.

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