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David Bird: Missing from Long Hill, New Jersey Found

UPDATE:  6/10/15 – The medical examiner determined that David Bird accidentally drowned when he fell into the Passaic River.

UPDATE 3/19/15 -Canoers found a body in northern New Jersey’s Passaic River on Wednesday and on Thursday it was identified to be David Bird.

“The Bird family would like to thank the many members of law enforcement, especially Chief Michael Mazzeo and the Long Hill Township Police Department, for their tireless efforts to find David,” said Carolyn Buscarino, a spokeswoman for the family. “They would also like to thank the countless friends, neighbors and strangers who have prayed for David and for the family over the past 14 months.”

UPDATE:  3/19/15 – New website for David Bird with new unreleased photos and a video.

UPDATE:  1/16/14 – David Bird is still missing and there still is no clue as to what happened to him.

“I’m still hopeful that we’ll find him,” Nancy Bird told “The one-year mark is over, and the shock of it all is over, but I feel like we’re right back at square one. We don’t have any more information than we did a year ago. I hope we find him, but I don’t know what else can be done.

 Police say David Bird’s case remains open. Leads can be reported to police at 908-647-1800, ext. 8221.

UPDATE:  3/21/14 – There will be a search for David Bird next week, as snow has melted in a lot of areas.

UPDATE:  1/25/14 – The Long Hill Township Police Department will be bringing in dogs that can track and identify a specific person to search for David.

David Bird, 55, from Long Hill, New Jersey has been missing since Saturday.  Bird who received a liver transplant with the help of his community, was  last seen leaving his Millington residence on Long Hill Road.  He was going for a walk and usually walks on Hicks Tract.

 David is a Wall Street Journal reporter.

Bird is 6’1″ tall and 200 pounds, with partially balding gray hair and a gray beard.  He was wearing a red jacket, blue jeans and sunglasses.

Bird needs regular medication because of his liver transplant so, it is unlikely he would walk away on purpose.

Police are asking people to check the area surrounding their property for anything out of the ordinary.

Anyone with information regarding Bird’s whereabouts can contact Long Hill police at 908-647-1800.

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