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James Irby: Missing from Memphis since 2013

James Irby, 55, from Memphis Tenn. has been missing since May 2013.

Irby was on his cell phone when he was stopped by a Walls police officer on the corner of Highway 61 and Church Road in Walls, Miss. on May 4, according to WMC-TV.

Irby was told to hang up the phone and when he didn’t the officer discharged a stun gun, Walls Police Chief Gary Boisseau told Memphis ABC 24.  Irby ran into a wheat field with the police chasing him.  He disappeared and they never found him.

Boisseau also stated that Irby had marijuana and a prescription bottle with illegal narcotics in it.

The family has searched the field for him as they don’t think he would have gotten too far as he had prostate cancer.  Boisseau thinks he may have caught a ride out of town.

But, there are some discrepancies in the story, according to Irby’s mom, Ethel Allen, because she said she was told that he ran into a swamp not a field, because the traffic stop actually happened ¼ mile down the road, and that he was not shocked with a stun gun.

The police cash camera video shows the officer discharging the stun gun, but it does not show Irby being struck.

His family is desperately seeking his whereabouts and if you have any information, please contact the police or leave an anonymous tip here.

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