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Jerry Cheesman: Missing from Terra Haute Widgets

Jerry Cheesman, 46, is missing from Terra Haute Ind. in Vigo County.  He has not been seen since October 2013.

Jerry has no permanent residence and was last seen at the Light House Mission.

New information has led to the possibility that Jerry was near Tabertown Street when he went missing and there may be people that have information regarding his disappearance.

THPD states there has been no financial activity for Cheesman since the time he was reported missing.

Police are asking the public to keep an eye out for Jerry.

He was arrested on the 700 block of South Sixth, Terre Haute, for Criminal trespass in May 2012.

He is  5’6”, 140 pounds, brown hair and brown eyes.  Anyone with information is asked to contact the police department at (812) 238-1661, or Crime Stoppers (812) 238-STOP.

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