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Amy Sue Pagnac: Police search home of teen missing for 25 years

UPDATE 5/25/14 – Saturday police stated they have finished their search.  They have not disclosed if they found anything.

On May 21, 2014, a search warrant has been issued at the Minnesota home of the parents of a 13-year-old girl that has been missing since 1989.

Amy Sue Pagnac was last seen at a gas station in the passenger seat of her step father’s car on August 5, 1989, after they stopped so he could use the bathroom.  Amy was taking a trip up North to family property in Isanti County with her adoptive father, Marshall Midden. Marshall is married to Amy’s mother Susan and he adopted Amy when she was a small child, report KARE 11 news.Amy’s father told police she was gone when he returned to his car after a stop at a restroom.  The authorities did not say what prompted them to begin searching the home in Maple Grove, after all these years.  They asked Marshall Midden and Sue Pagnac, Sr. to leave the home while they searched, which included bringing in heavy machinery.

Susan Pagnac believes her daughter is still alive and out there somewhere and was a victim of trafficking.  She does not believe they will find Amy’s remains on the property because Amy was last seen at the gas station, but she is glad the police are searching.

“They are doing something, they are doing something, it may not make sense to me but they are doing something. If this is the thing they have to do to get to the next step and the next step, then we’ll do it,” she says.

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