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Carol Wood missing for 18 years may have been found in car in river Found

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Carol Wood Missing Person New York Found

UPDATE:  6/18/14 –  Officials have positively identified the human remains found in the Oswego River last week as those of Carol L. Wood, who was reported missing nearly 18 years ago.

Previous story:  Authorities have pulled a car out of the Oswego River on Friday and the family believes it belongs to their missing family member that has not been seen since 1996.

Family members were on the scene when they pulled a red 1993 Toyota Corolla LE out of the water in Fulton, N.Y.  They have been searching for Carol Wood, who was 30 at the time,  since she went missing on Aug. 4, 1996 after she left Anthony’s Bar & Grill on East Bridge Street in Oswego early in the morning.

It was the State Canal Corporation that found the car with sonar as they were mapping the river on Thursday.  Police had searched the water before with divers and sonar but did not find anything.  Evidently the car was in a blind spot that would have been missed by traditional sonar stated

Authorities have not stated definitely that Carol was in the car, or even if it is her car, as the license plates had come off.  The car was filled with silt when the tow truck pulled it out, but they did state that thought they had seen skeletal remains.

About two weeks ago, over 125 cars were found in a Houston Bayou and the police stated that had no money to pull the cars out of the water.  With that many cars odds are at least one belongs to a missing person.  Read that story here. Also, read the story about the three missing teens found after 40 years in a car in the water, and the story about the two teens missing for 21 years found in their car in the water.

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