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Ida Rothschild: 9-year-old goes missing while camping Found

UPDATE:A bicyclist heard a child yelling for help on a hillside and realized it was Ida.  She had been walking all night trying to find her way back to the campground.  She is safe and sound and back with her family.  She said she did not realize so many people were looking for her.

Previous post:  Ida Rothschild, 9, who was camping with her parents at the Samuel P. Taylor State Park in Marin County, California has gone missing. 

The Rothschild family, which includes Ida, her mom and dad and two brothers ages 5 and 2 traveled from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Muir Beach before ending up at the state park west of Fairfax. 

Ida is 4’2″ tall and has dark brown hair with bangs.  She was wearing a pink floral-[print terry cloth swimsuit coverup. 

She went missing on Friday afternoon and is still missing Saturday morning.  Authorities believe she wandered away and got lost.

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