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Charlie Botheull: 12-year-old missing; stepmom won’t take poly, dad inconclusive Found

UPDATE:  1/21/15 – Charlie Bothuell IV, 47, the father of Charlie was sentenced to 18 months of probation and anger management classes. He’s also ordered to have no contact with his son, the victim, according to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office.  On Tuesday, Bothuell took a plea agreement to fourth-degree child abuse, a misdemeanor, according to the prosecutor’s office. His wife, Monique Dillard-Bothuell, also had been charged in the case

UPDATE:  6/27/14 – New information has been coming out regarding the finding of Charlie.  Evidently when he was discovered in the basement, police also found “fresh food” with him, reports USA Today.  They do not know if Charlie had been there all along.

Early on in the search, police brought in cadaver dogs to search for Charlie.  We now know that police found a PVC pipe and blood in the home and blood on some clothing, according to USA Today.  They will test the blood to see if they can find out who it belongs, too.

His step mother has been taken info custody on a probation violation stemming from a concealed weapons offense.  When a police officer offering her help when she got a flat tire on her vehicle, she told him she had a pistol, but her concealed weapons license was expired.  Her probation stated no firearm is allowed in the home and one was found during the search of the home yesterday.

Nancy Grace was the first to tell Charlie’s father on air that his son had been found and many are scrutinizing his reaction.

Police are not ruling out abuse in the family home. 

 UPDATE:  6/25/14 – Charlie has been found hiding behind a self-made barricade in the basement of his home, according to Detroit Police. .

 Previous story:  Many times when a child of 12 -14 goes missing there is no Amber Alert and doesn’t even make it to the media as it is quickly classified as a runaway, but this time this case of a missing 12-year-old Michigan boy has made it all the way to Nancy Grace.  See video. Many of those who have a missing loved one know that is very hard to get Nancy Grace to do a story.

Charlie Botheull V has been missing since June 14. 

The stepmother will not take a polygraph test and the father took one conducted by the FBI that came back inconclusive.  Now the focus is on them.

Many of you know that Mark Klaas will tell parents to take the test and get it out of the way so the authorities know you have nothing to do with it.  But, the Boutheull family stated to ABC 7 Action News that their attorney told them not to take the test and step mom told the advice and dad said he would only take one conducted by the FBI.   Charlie’s father even appeared on Nancy Grace asking for help to find his son.  It was then he told Nancy that his son had run away a couple of years back but returned a few hours later.

It is hard to be on the side of a parent that won’t take a test, let alone one that is inconclusive.  Please note that Breann Rodriguez’s parents failed a lie detector test. Later Shawn Morgan confessed to killing her.   

So, why would a test be inconclusive?  It could be that the person was on some type of prescription or illegal drug, a person is suspected of doing something to their body, i.e., biting their tongue, etc. to alter the outcome.

“You see, without the grey area of the inconclusive there would be no buffer zone for the test subject. You would either pass the test numerically or you would fail it. With no buffer zone you might more easily be judged as deceptive when you are not which is a false positive, or you might more easily be judged as truthful when you are not which is a false negative. One little mistake on one physiological channel reading and you could go from a plus to a minus–or a minus to a plus–just like that. So you see that the inconclusive area is indeed a ‘chasm’ between passing and failing the test. In my experience the inconclusive is therefor a good thing both for judging and insuring polygraph accuracy. To fall into the false positive area, a truthful subject has to cross that chasm. Likewise a guilty subject has to somehow cross that chasm to be judged as a false negative. In my experience that just does not happen as often as opponents of the polygraph would like you to believe. In truth the false positive and the false negative are very rare, and part of that is because of the inconclusive chasm. Now for the extremely rare false positive person that is little consolation I know, but when we are dealing with human beings there is no such thing as a 100 percent accurate test process whether we are using a polygraph, CSI techniques, or medical tests. We live with the extremely rare error rate, having to accept that it’s not perfect, but its pretty darn good.”TS Eliott,

What do you think?  Does the step mom know where Charlie is, but the father does not.  Does the father suspect the stepmom.  I see no indication of that.  According to the father he was not there when Charlie went missing.  But, maybe Charlie’s disappearance was at another time that Saturday night when he was there. Until we get more information and a narrowing down of when someone other than his parents last saw him, we can only guess.

Dogs led investigators to a park near Charlie’s home and then the trail went cold.  The father says a witness saw his son heading in the direction that would be his mother’s house, which is where he was heading when he went missing two years ago.  

Charlie went missing from the Martin Luther King apartments on the 1300 block of Nicolet Place near Gratiot and I-375 around 9 p.m. on Saturday. 

Charlie is 5’4″ tall, 120 pounds with brown hair and eyes.  He was wearing a red shirt, black and gray pajama pants and a black and gray Phat Farm Jacket. 

If you see him, please call the Detroit Police Dept. at 313-596-1140.

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