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Nancy Jewell Cross: Former Transit Board Director missing in San Francisco Found

UPDATE:  6/3/14 – Nancy was found in Berkeley.  Police stated that she is homeless.  It is unknown how she became homeless.  And no mention what will happen to her next.

Previous story:
Nancy Jewell Cross, 94 is missing from San Francisco and was last seen Friday. 

Nancy was well known in the community as she attended transportation meetings in the 1990 and ran for office.  She got a seat on  the AC Transit Board of Directors in 1998, until she was ousted in a Nov. 2002 election.

In 2002 she stated, “If a person wants to develop ways and means for the public to have mobility without more vehicle miles traveled, she or he needs very much not to be personal car-dependent (habituated by having a current vehicle license and an in-house personal car immediately at hand), AND ALSO–some people would start this with “OR”– TO HAVE TO get around reasonably efficiently in both common “chores” and a multitude of engagements local and remote, including but not limited to Oakland, Berkeley, Belmont, San Pablo, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, even Redding, Seattle, Toronto, San Diego, Santa Monica, and Irvine, among other exotica.

In other words, I have no idea to limit my mobility, or independence in getting around, just to be personal car not dependent! For a Bart or AC Transit Director would-be peak performer, like me, there’s no armchair substitute in experience for the challenge of attaining high mobility without private car dependence!”
Nancy was adamant about her cause and filed many lawsuits when she disagreed with the city.  Eventually, she was labeled a vexatious litigant after suing public officials and was not allowed to sue anymore. See documents here and here for more information.

Nancy uses a walker and is 5’4″ tall and 115 pounds. She has white hair and was last seen wearing a blue sweatshirt and green skirt.

If you have any information on her whereabouts, please call the San Francisco police at 415-553-1071.

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