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Jenise Wright: 6-year-old missing from Bremerton Found

UPDATE  9/13/14 – Gabriel  psychological evaluation has not been completed, and a competency hearing will probably to be scheduled in the next two weeks, but Kitsnap County Superior Court found probable cause to charge Gabriel with aggravated first degree murder and aggravated rape for the death of Jenise Wright,

UPDATE:  8/11/14 –  The name Gabe Gaeta has come out on social media as the person who has been arrested for the murder of Jenise Wright, by a relative on Facebook that was defending him.

An unsubstantiated post read that neighbors had also let his name out, “His neighbors who saw him arrested leaked his name as well, and there is talk that he attended her vigil in fake mourning, and that this was a planned attack with a second male accomplice…the press release said he confessed already as well…”

Gabe is also a member of Ask.FM and has left a string of comments there since last year.  One quote from his account is, “What is the most dangerous animal? Me” and “If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be? Gabe Gaeta,” and “If you feel stressed what would you do to reduce it?  Eat, sleep, and beat someone up. Instant relief.” But, it could be said it was nothing more than a lot of bravado with no substance.

Gabe is a wrestler and you can click here to read an article and see a photo of him and his brother Zeke.

Gabe looks like a high schooler in this photo

I believe that Gabe is going to be in court today, so more information will come out on the case.  Is there another person connected to the case?  Is there more to this story that helps explain what happened?  I hope so, because this whole thing just doesn’t add up right now.

UPDATE: 8/9/14 – The police have arrested a 17-year-old male for the death of Jenise.  The teen lived in the same Bremerton mobile home park that Jenise lived at, said the Kitsape County Sheriff’s Office.  He will be interviewed and booked with possible charges of 2nd degree mrder, manslaughter and rape.

The teens DNA matched forensic evidence.

UPDATE 8/8/14 – Police are asking everyone to think back and remember if they saw someone with muddy shoes or boots, muddy pants and possible a muddy shirt.  They believe whoever is responsible for her death would have come out of the wooded area caked in mud.  The body found yesterday has been confirmed to belong to Jenise.

UPDATE 8/7/14 – Authorities may have found the body of Jenise in a forested area near the mobile home park.

There has been no official identification, but the body is of a child.

“The K-9s were so instrumental in locating the body of Jenise today. We couldn’t have done it without them,” said Frank Montoya Jr., FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Seattle office told NY Daily News.

UPDATE:  8/6/14 – The parents of Jenise have taken a lie detector test, but the results have not been released.

Authorities state that even though court documents revealed James Wright, Jenise’s father had been charged with molesting a step daughter in 1999, he is not a suspect, reports Yahoo news.   He plead guilty to assault and the molestation charges were  dropped.

Authorities state that at this writing half of the mobile home park has been searched and every car leaving and coming to the park is being searched.

Previous story:  August 4, 2014 – Jenise Pauletter Wright is missing from Bremerton, Wash.

Kitsap County Sheriff Dept. said that Jenise was seen Saturday night in her bed at her home at the Steele Creek Mobile Home Park on 1438 Steele Creek Drive in East Bremerton at 10 p.m. , but not reported missing until Sunday night.

Jenise has gone missing before from her home and was found wandering the neighborhood.  The family told police on Sunday they had gone door-to-door looking for her and after not finding her reported her missing.

The case reminds me of another little girl, Charitie Angelique Careins, 7, of San Diego, Calif. who went missing on August 5, 1988.  Neighbors who talked to the media stated she was often out at night asking to play with their children and seemed to have no curfew, and was seen far away from her home on Betty Avenue.  She was also very independent and talked with everyone.  It particularly hits home to me as I remember my father, who was living in the Pacific Beach area at the time told me about this little girl who would come to the neighborhood to play with the neighborhood kids and would stop and talk with him when he was outside watering.  He became worried for her because he kept seeing her walking down the busy Grand Avenue at night, and wanted my opinion on whom he should call.  It was only days later when we heard that she had gone missing.   Charitie’s remains were found almost a year later at San Timoteo Canyon in Riverside County.

The Washington Child Protective Services had taken a 8 and 12-year-old child from the home.

Jenise is 3 feet tall and 45 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.

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