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Christina Morris: Missing from Texas FOUND

christina morris

Missing Person Texas Christina Morris FOUND

March 8, 2018 – Skeletal remains found on a construction site in Anna have been identified belonging to Christina Morris.
March 7, 2018 Update – Has Christina Morris been found?  Remains have been found in a wooded area in Collin County in the city of Anna, Texas which is the same area that law enforcement searched for Christina Morris.  There remains were found when men clearing brush discovered the human remains, reports CBS DFW.   There will be an update on this story when new information comes in.  A search for Christina was planned on March 10, and the group is to meet at the high school in Allen, Texas.
December 19, 2017 – Arochi  is serving a life sentence for kidnapping Christina Morris. He wants his conviction and sentence overturned and has filed for a  new trial.
8/31/16 – Arochi will go to trial next week.A $30,000 reward for information on her whereabouts is being offered.

Dr. Phil Show

UPDATE 3/19/16 – Christina Morris’ mother will be on Dr. Phil on Tuesday, March 22.  “The Disappearance of Christina Morris: A Mother’s Obsession with Finding Her Daughter Is Destroying Her Marriage.
Jonni’s 23-year-old daughter, Christina Morris, disappeared almost two years ago, after a night out with friends. She was last seen on surveillance video walking into a parking garage with an acquaintance, Enrique Arochi. Just three minutes later, Enrique was seen on that same camera leaving the parking garage alone in his car. Although Enrique has denied any involvement in Christina’s disappearance, he was arrested three-and-a-half months later and charged with aggravated kidnapping after authorities say Christina’s DNA was found in the trunk of his car. Jonni says she has become obsessed with finding her daughter, and it’s destroying her marriage. Jonni says her husband realized her only focus is on finding her daughter, not him or her stepchildren. Can Dr. Phil help this couple get their marriage back on track? And, what happened to Christina? Plus, an update on the disappearance of Dylan Redwine, who vanished without a trace almost three years ago. The La Plata County Sheriff’s office named a person of interest in August 2015. Find out who that is.”

12/14/14 – Enrique Arochi was charged with aggravated kidnapping, Plano, Texas, police said. Plano police spokesman David Tilley told ABC News affiliate WFAA in Dallas that Arochi’s arrest was partly based on DNA samples taken during the investigation.

11/5/14 – Plano Police Department stated that the last man seen with Christina lied to detectives many times, cleaned his car, and had what was described as a bite mark on his arm the morning after her disappearance.

Authorities seized Enrique Arochi’s Camaro on Sept, 26.  According to the affidavit, police noted there was fresh damage to the vehicle’s front fender and the interior appeared to be recently vacuumed.

10/20/14 – Police have announced that a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and indictment of a person IF there is a crime determined, has been donated by an anonymous person.  This adds to an already existing reward bring the total to $25,000.

9/1/14 – Christina parked her car at the Shops of Legacy in Plano to go to  Henry’s Tavern.

No one realized she was missing until her boss called her family saying she had not shown up for work.  Christina is a photographer for a match making website.

ABC News reported that Morris’ last 15 phone calls went to her boyfriend.  According to Christina’s parents he never reported her missing.

Previous story

The friend walked towards his car and she walked towards hers.  Christina’s car was found in the parking garage at the Shops of Legacy in Plano.

She has not been to work and has made no contact with anyone.

A search has been conducted over the Labor Day weekend around Parkwood Blvd. and Hedgecoxe Rd., and the nearby wooded area.

She is described as being a white female, approximately 5’4” tall, 100 pounds, and has blonde hair and brown eyes.

If you have any information about Christina, please call the Plano police at 972-424-5678.

8 thoughts on “Christina Morris: Missing from Texas FOUND

  1. There are apartments above the restaurants and shops and within two blocks of The Shops at Legacy. Other stories noted that she was at a party at a friend's apartment there.

  2. there is a way out and dont even have to cost any amount. All is free with god, and in a cpl of days she will be back home

  3. Condolences, Prayers Christina in the search for Christina, Enrique Arochi a real Flake, he is really seems to be running the search away from the actual events that took place.
    The video of his interview ran in circles apparently they walked around looked at shops, had dinner and went to her place after words

    My vague understanding of events
    She was noticed to be missing until she didn’t show up for work
    The boy friend didn’t report her missing as they were in argument at the time
    **** VIDEO****
    Q: How does Arochi know Christina
    A: aquatinted from high school
    Notes: never really talked never really hung out before that
    Allen High School Graduated 2009
    *** Barely ever talked stating that night barely crossed conversations
    Concerned of being incriminated against
    Around 10 people all high school friends went to bars got some food after words eat food and left
    Stated while walking to car nothing was said didn’t pay attention to what was going on around
    3:57 am by 4:06 driving through Custer
    Q: why didn’t he walk her to her car
    A: She wasn’t really a friend so he didn’t feel compiled to walk her to her car

    Emphasis he is trying to protect himself from incrimination

    Shows up for work next morning
    1. Trys to coheres coworkers
    2. Has bruises and bit marks (explained as bar fight over his car
    3. Wiped phone clean manipulating usage
    4. Cleaned trunk of car with squidgy and wiped passenger door

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