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Catherine Hoggle and her two children are missing from Maryland – mom found, kids still missing

UPDATE 9/15/17 –   Catherine Hoggle has been indicted on two counts of murder, sources familiar with the investigation tell News4.

UPDATE 3/20/16 – It was reported in the Washington Post to day that Catherine Hoggle has attempted to escape the Maryland psychiatric hospital numerous times since she has been there.  She claims she wants to see her children.   Evidently, she is has become such a handful they have someone assigned to her 24-7 as she has even struck other patients and tied her sheets together to use as a way to escape out a window.  The prosecution has been waiting a long time for her doctors to state she is okay to go to trial, and are going to send in their own expert to try and move things along.  They are also afraid that since she has not been charged with murder, that eventually she will be released back into the community.

UPDATE:  Nov. 2014 – David Felsen, Hoggle’s attorney, wrote in a court brief filed Tuesday that a psychological evaluation found his client not competent to stand trial.  Felsen said police violated Hoggle’s rights by interviewing her without him and had argued that her charges should be dismissed.  In the meantime, the children are still missing.

 UPDATE:  9/15/14 – Are the Hoggle children dead?

“We keep a ray of hope, but from what she said and what we know about what information that should be provided about them, and that she hasn’t contacted them, this is the natural progression for us,” said Capt. Darren Francke, head of Montgomery police’s major crimes division, at a Monday morning news conference, regarding the homicide charges they are pursuing against Catherine Hoggle.

UPDATE:  9/13/14 – Hoggle was taken into custody after she was found walking in the area of Century Rock Boulevard and Crystal Rock Drive about 11:15 p.m.  Sarah and Jacob , were not with her and are still missing.

A Clarksburg mom and her two children have gone missing in Maryland. It wasn’t until Catherine Hoggle, 27, went missing before the family realized the two children were missing also.

Catherine was last seen at the Chic-fil-A restaurant in the 19900 block of Aircraft Drive in Montgomery County on Monday by her husband, Troy Hoggle.  They were on the way to pick up the children, at least that was what Troy believed.  Catherine went inside the restaurant and then went out another door to the German Transit Center and disappeared.

Authorities now know that the Hoggle’s two children, Sarah, 3, and Jacob, 2, are also missing.  Jacob  went missing when Catherine borrowed her father’s car and took him to get some pizza.  When she returned to her parent’s she told her mother that Jacob was at a friends house.  Troy worked nights and didn’t know that Jacob hadn’t come home from his grandmother’s home.Nove

Then Monday morning Catherine took Sarah to the daycare, and when she returned home she told Troy she dropped Sara and Jacob at the daycare.  When Troy insisted they go pick up the children,  on the way Catherine asked to stop at a fast food restaurant.  That is when she slipped out the back door of the restaurant and made her way to the transit center.

Authorities are concerned about their welfare as Catherine has been going to daily medical appointments as she has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

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