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Sabrina Allen: Missing girl to see father again after 12 years

The last time Greg Allen saw his little girl Sabrina, she was 4-years-old.  After a 12-year search, Sabrina will be returning to him as a 17-year-old young lady.

Sabrina was tracked down in Mexico by a private investigator who has been searching for her as long as her father.  Although they had some knowledge that Sabrina was living in Mexico with her mother Dara that took her during a court appointed visitation, every time they got close, Dara moved.

But on Tuesday, they followed up on another tip that turned out to be good and found Dara and Sabrina, that now goes by the name of Faith, in an apartment outside Mexico City.

Dara in an attempt to keep Sabrina hidden did not allow her to go to school and convinced her to hide by telling her that her father was a bad person.

Even though Sabrina will receive the care she will need to adjust to becoming acquainted with her father, it may be a long time, if ever that she will be able to completely comprehend that her mom had lied to her over the years.

My own brothers and sisters who went missing at the ages of 3 and 4 by parental abduction by their father were found over 10 years later, they were not happy nor in a hurry to become reacquainted with their and my mother.  They had been told their whole life that she had left them, not the other way around, and that she did not care for them at all.  Even though they were told that she never stopped looking for them and hired a private investigator to keep searching for them, they did not trust what they were being told, and in fact wrote angry, mean letters to her, repeating the lies that their father had told them over the years.  It was though they could not comprehend that their father had done anything wrong and everyone else was falsely accusing him.  The bond they had with their father and his extended family could not be broken, and they wanted to hang onto it so badly, they hung on to the lies that he told them, to the point they refused to even meet their mother and kept their allegiance to their father until a Judge stepped in and forced them to visit her.

Years later, when they started their own families and completely understood what their father had done, they still continued their relationship with him and favored being in that family unit.  As far as I know they never blamed their father for abducting them, but spent most of their young lives blaming their mother for abandoning them.  The fact that it was never her choice, didn’t matter.

Back them, the abducted parent was not arrested and the father continued his life as though he never did anything wrong, and never realizing the damage he had done to his own children.

I am sure that Dara will probably have the same attitude, and if anyone is expecting an apology, it will never happen.  I guess you already have to be off your rocker to abduct your own child in the first place.  The minute a parent names themselves as the perfect parent and justifies themselves as the only parent worthy enough to raise their child, is the first sign of an unstable mind and of someone that really is NOT the best parent for the child.

I hope Sabrina can process everything that has happened to her and grow into a strong young woman that realizes what her mother did, does not define her, and really, truly has nothing to do with her, but has everything to do with her mother sacrificing her own child’s well-being over her own self-centered beliefs.

Maybe if Sabrina knows that no matter what she did, it would not have changed a thing.  She is not to blame and blame does not belong.  Hopefully, she can find the first step to freedom from the mental captivity she suffered through for so long.  The one my siblings were never able to find.

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