Randy Leach: Missing from Kansas since 1988

Randy Leach, 17,  was last seen on April 15, 1988. He was last seen by his parents leaving his home around 6:45 p.m. He stopped by his cousin’s home and drove around Linwood, Kansas. Then he was seen at the DeSoto body shop where Randy and a friend stopped to look at a red 1966 Mustang that was being restored and was going to be his graduation gift.  At 9:30 Randy stopped at a convenience store and bought two candy bars and soda and gas.  At 10 p.m. he was seen at a bonfire party in West Bonner Springs.  Annie Erwin, a mother of the high school senior that was hosting the party said she saw Randy and he was having trouble walking.  He was seen leaving the party around 1:15 to 2 a.m., driving his mother’s gray 1985 Dodge 600 with Kansas Plates LVJ8721.


Randy has never been seen again, nor has the car ever been found.

In 1993, the police arrested three men on suspicion of kidnapping and murdering Randy, but they were released without charges and admitted to making a mistake.

In 2002 the police reclassified Randy’s case from missing person to homicide, although no suspects have been named or nor further new information released.

“Randy Wayne Leach has been missing from Linwood Kansas since April of 1988. In 1992 Sherrell Gary Brinkley was convicted for the murder of Everett Bishop (who was killed in May of 1990). Sherrell Brinkley blamed Eric Montgomery for the murder of Everett Bishop, and Eric Montgomery blamed Sherrell Brinkley for the murder of Everett Bishop. Sherrell Brinkley and Eric Montgomery were convicted felons and both men were classified as career criminals. Eric Montgomery and Sherrell Brinkley were involved in a crime ring together. Before his trial Sherrell Brinkley requested the case files of Randy Leach and Lloyd Folsom (both unsolved homicide cases). Sherrell Brinkley reported Eric Montgomery was involved in the deaths of Randy Leach and Lloyd Folsom. Sherrell Brinkley reported that Eric Montgomery had a motive to kill Everett Bishop, to keep Bishop from implicating Eric Montgomery in the murders of Randy Leach and Lloyd Folsom. Sherrell Brinkley was denied his request for the files, both files (Randy Leach and Lloyd Folsom) were sealed. Eric Montgomery was given immunity for the Everett Bishop murder in exchange for his testimony against Sherrell Brinkley in the murder trial of Everett Bishop. The appeal document attatched reports that the files of Randy Leach and Lloyd Folsom consist of four large envelopes of loose papers. There is no index, no table of contents, and no readily apparent organization to the files. Besides notations on certain pages, it is difficult to tell which *820 papers correspond with which investigation Folsom or Leach, or both. The files of Lloyd Folsom and Randy Leach were provided by the KBI. Why would the files be combined if they were not related? 19 years later Montgomery was arrested, and found guilty for his involvement in the Lloyd Folsom murder (2009), due to the investigation by Greg Hudson, a detective out of Prairie Village which included an audio recording (which is more than likely the only reason Eric Montgomery was charged and convicted, as Lloyd Folsom’s case file was sealed in the early 90’s along with the case file of Randy Leach) of Eric Montgomery implicating himself in the Lloyd Folsom murder. Eric Montgomery even bragged about the crime per news articles. The authorities denied having any knowledge of Eric Montgomery’s involvement in the Lloyd Folsom case, yet the KBI provided the files of Lloyd Folsom and Randy Leach at Sherrell Brinkley’s trial in the early 90’s. Why was the case of Randy Leach never looked at? Sherrell Brinkley implicated Eric Montgomery in two unsolved homicide cases. Eric Montgomery was convicted on one of the cases that Brinkley revealed (Lloyd Folsom), yet the Randy Leach case was ignored regarding this information. Eric Montgomery was a paid informant . It appears he was allowed to participate/commit murder due to him being an informant. Nothing has been done regarding the murder of Randy Leach. The Leach family very recently learned this information. Harold and Alberta Leach have been agonizing for 26 years wondering what happened to their son. Harold Leach has dug on the banks of rivers in hopes of finding his son, his only child. There were many rumors this was a police cove up, and really that appears to be the case. The Leach family deserve closure and answers. The bodies of Randy Leach, Lloyd Folsom and Everett Bishop have never been found. Eric Montgomery is dead, Sherrell Brinkley is not, and is currently in prison. PLEASE help this family find the answers they deserve so they can be at peace. People are not disposable. “With liberty and justice for ALL”, Randy deserves justice, and his family deserves closure and answers.” –Jesse Adams

The link http://law.justia.com/cases/kansas/supreme-court/1995/69-723-3.html

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