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Calling family members of missing people who would like to be part of a photography project

Gio Sbriz, a photographer living in London asked me to post this for him, regarding anyone who would like to have a photograph taken of them if they are a relative of a missing person.  He is planning on a trip to the United States and will work out the travel plans so he can visit as many people that he can in the US that want to be part of the project.  
If you would like to know more or have any questions, please read Gio’s letter and then you can also contact me, too. — Jerrie
“Dear Close Relatives of a Missing Person,

My name is Gió Sbriz and I am an Italian portrait photographer based in London.
I found Jerrie Dean’s website while I was searching some informations about missing people in USA, what she is doing through her site is really important and has a great value.

I would like to start a project taking portraits of the people looking for their missing family members, this will be for my personal work, there is no magazine involved, no money at all.

Please, have a look at my website to have an idea of who I am :
In London I am represented by a small gallery, Flat33gallery and its website is:

The final stage of this project would hopefully be an exhibition and a book.

I really hope you can help me to start this project, please contact me directly or contact Jerrie Dean.”

Many thanks.

Best regards,

Gió Sbriz

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