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Lisa White, Janice Pockett, Debra Spinkler: Task force to open cases of three missing girls from the 1970s

Lisa Joy White
Janice Pockett
Debra Spinkler

Lisa White was only 13-years-old when she went missing from Vernon, Conn. on Nov. 1, 1974.

The night before Lisa had been arrested for underage drinking and she was grounded.  After her mom went to work she snuck out of the house to visit a friend on Prospect St in Rockville.  She left at 7:30 and started walking home and was never seen again.  Lisa was last seen walking from Rockville’s Talcott Park on Elm Street to the downtown section of Rockville.

A special talk force has been created that will concentrate on Lisa’s case as well as two other girls that went missing from the area in the 1970s.

The cold-case task force will also be looking at the case of Debra Spickler, 13,  who went missing in 1968 from Henry Park in Vernon while visiting her aunt.  Debra was last seen walking alone from Foxhill Drive towards Henry Park’s swimming pool.

Janice Pockett was last seen in July 1973 riding her bike on Anthony Road in Tolland. Janice was on her green Murray bicycle with a banana seat looking for a butterfly she had left on a rock.  She was even carrying an envelope to put the butterfly in.  She never returned home and her mother found her bike on Rhoades Road near a wooded area.


Charles Pierce, a pedophile who was a suspect in missing children cases out of New England between 1950-1970 confess to Janice’s murder and stated he buried her in Lawrence, Mass near Angelo Puglisi from Massachusetts that went missing in 1976.  But, the graves were never found.

Another suspect Nathaniel Bar-Jonah aka David P. Brown was charged in 1996 for the abduction of Zachary Ramsay in Great Falls, Montana.   He became a suspect when it was found that Bar-Jonah lived in Webster in 1973 when Janice disappeared.  Webster is 20 miles from Tolland, Conn.  Bar-Jonah would have only been 14 at the time, but he had already allegedly strangled another child before that.  He is also a suspect in the case of missing Amanda Gallion from Wyoming.  , but later dismissed because of lack of evidence.  A bone was found in Bar-Jonah’s garage but later DNA testing did not link it to any of the children he was suspected of hurting.  Bar-Jonah died in prison in 2008.

Other Connecticut mysterious cases:

In March of 2013, skeletal remains were found in Vernon near an old landfill. The area was located off of West Street, not far from where Lisa White and Debra Spickler had vanished and/or lived. DNA tests ruled out the remains from belonging to either Janice Pockett, Lisa White and Debra Spickler.

Stephanie Olisky, 15, went missing in 1975 in nearby Warehouse Point. S he was found unconscious by the side of the road a few towns away in East Windsor, but she died before regaining consciousness.
Susan Larosa, 20,  was abducted in June 1975 in Vernon and her remains were found in 1978.
Pattie Luce, 18,  went missing in 1977 and she was found murdered.

If you have information:

The task force is also asking anyone who may have last seen these children to call them even though they may have talked with the police decades ago.

They have also announce a $150,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible.

Anyone with information can call 860-760-3228.  If you have an anonymous tip you can leave it here or email

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