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Nathaniel Dance: Teen missing from Missouri Found

UPDATE from Nathan’s father: 

“A week ago today we were informed that mortal body of our beloved son had been found. The police told us that they were very confident they had found Nathaniel’s body as the clothing matched, but they needed dental records to confirm 100%. The last few days have been agonizing as we hoped and hoped that somehow it wasn’t him, but Thursday the medical examiner called and confirmed that the last shred of hope was lost.

As much as we’ve held out hope the last two months that he might be back with us in this world, we’ve known for a long time this might be the eventual outcome. According to the police they believe he was dead very quickly after he went missing. We have decided to have Nathaniel cremated due to his very fragile state. Since Nathaniel’s been dead so long we aren’t going to try and rush through a formal funeral in the days before Christmas. When the time comes we’ll have a grave side service to dedicate his grave. We plan to wait till spring when the air is warm and the grass is green.

While morning the loss of our son, it has been especially stressful having people who hardly even know us posting terrible things on Facebook or occasionally asking a question which would better be left unsaid. We would ask people not to judge us or Nathaniel, but to simply love this wonderful young man for who he is. Nathaniel is incredibly smart with a quick wit, physically strong, and as many of you have seen in our videos of him a very loving brother and son. Nathaniel had suffered more than his fair share of concussions over the years from just being an energetic boy. There are sufficient articles on the web outlining the long term effects of multiple concussions so I’ll simply state here that the impact of those concussions and the trials of this earth as a teenager were simply too much.”

 Previous story;

Nathaniel was last seen in Independence, Mo.  He is 5’11” tall, 175 pounds with blue eyes and sandy blond hair.  He was wearing a dark blue suit, black dress boots, tie and wraparound sun glasses with blue mirrored lenses, which is what he was wearing at church that morning.

 MO PD case # 14072534 reported on 19 OCT 2014.

Nathaniel’s dad, Greg posted:  

“Missouri Deer Hunting
November 3 at 2:44pm ·
Deer Hunters… as you go out into the woods this month, please keep an eye open for Missing – Nathaniel who is 16 years old and an avid hiker who knows how to live off the land and identify edibles. He has been missing for 2 weeks now and we suspect he may be living off the land in some remote wooded area. Thanks much for all your assistance and good luck on the hunt.”

Please note that Nathaniel could be anywhere in Missouri and we need everyone’s help to keep an eye out for him.  If you see someone that may be him, please take a photo and note where it was and forward it to the family or here, and I will.   

3 thoughts on “Nathaniel Dance: Teen missing from Missouri Found

  1. To Nathaniel Family and friends:
    May you find peace during this difficult time and please know you are all in our thoughts and prayers here in Alberta Canada and no one should be going through this at this time of year or any other time. God Bless you all and its not good bye but its till we meet again. May the lord keep you all safe and in our prayers as you mourn the lost of such a young gentleman who had alot to offer God Bless you and to the family stay safe stay focus and Happy Holidays when you reflect on those before remember your sons smile and his over all goodness in all he did.
    Love and prayers
    Traci and family

  2. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious son. Ignore the ignorant questions and crude comments of people who know nothing about you or your family. Most of those people are trying to make themselves feel somehow superior and impress other knuckleheads on the 'net. Anonymous selfishness. Please know that most Americans are not like this. We feel your sorrow, pray for and with you. May God hold your family close during this difficult time and know you are in our thoughts.

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