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Harold Mayes: Missing from North Carolina since 1980

Jeffrey Mays and Ted Wall, 22, of Hatteras Inlet were last seen at 1:30 p.m. Nov. 13, 1980 about 16 miles southeast of the inlet on a 23-foot boat, the Sea Ox.   The crew from the Edgar Styron told the Coast Guard that they helped them repair the engine.

What is a mystery about the case is the Sea Ox was considered unsinkable but after

two weeks of searching by all authorities and covering 211,000 miles of ocean, they were never found.

“The Sea Ox boats are filled with foam flotation that can keep them just under the surface even when swamped,” reported The Virginian-Pilot.

One Coast Guard Report stated that the boat or what appeared to be the boat was seen heading southwest at a high rate of speed.

Eric Krieger was a friend of Jeffrey’s and he told the Triblive that about  six years after Jeffrey went missing he was at Shirley Mays, Jeffrey’s mom’s house.

“I was looking out the window and watching these two guys get out of two pickup trucks. These guys had long hair, jeans, big boots, and flannel shirts and it was at the end of May,” said Krieger. “They were talking and I was watching them when all of a sudden one guy whips out a pair of binoculars and looks up at the house. I thought I saw a ghost.”  Krieger thought the man looked like Jeffrey.  “This guy is staring at me through the binoculars and I’m walking toward them. There’s a girl in each truck and a dog in the back of each truck. The one guy drives up the beach road; the other guy who looked like Jeff, drove past me and waved. Jeff had a funny type of wave and this guy waved exactly the same way as Jeff.”

According to the family, the commercial fishermen had started selling drugs. Jeff was hanging out with Ted Wall, and they think Ted was owing some people money.

Kreiger and Shirley believe that Jeffrey might be in Alaska, and Shirley wrote a book, “Outer Banks Piracy, Where is My Son Jeffrey” which details money laundering and drugs on the Outer Banks.  She believe her son may have gotten wrapped up in it and because of that can’t come home.

NamUs Case Number: 14742

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