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Daughter of missing mother posts rude phone message from San Diego Police Department

Robin holds up a photo of her mom, Cloudia

Since this post a lot of great things have been happening to help find Cloudia.

UPDATE:  2/16/15 – Robin is off today to drive to Calif. She was interviewed by the local news and she said the most precious words ever that reveals her quest: “I know my mom loves me, but she doesn’t know I love her.”

Note from Robin this morning, and now her story is going National:


Robin told me that she will be going to California mid February to look for her mom with a friend.  Before she left, she was interviewed by several local news stations who wanted to know more about her story.

Read about how Missing Persons of America helped Robin search for her mom in San Diego.

Also, partly because of Cloudia’s story and also because of Jason DeAlba’s story I decided to start a new Facebook page called Missing and Homeless in America.    This page is bringing attention to a lot of people that the homeless can also be missing.  There have been cases of veteran’s with PST and people with mental issues wandering the streets not even remembering their family is looking for them.  There is also cases of people who have suffered a car accident and it caused brain injury and they didn’t know how to get back home.  Please take a few minutes and visit the page, so you can look at all the faces and maybe you will recognize someone.

We will be back here next week to update how Robin’s journey to find her mom went, and you know we will be the first in line cheering her on and hoping for a reunion.

Original story:  A police officer with the San Diego Police Dept. shows her rude attitude to a woman that is searching for her missing mother.

Robin Wells Burton has been desperately trying to find her mother, Cloudia Leslie Wells who went missing in San Diego in 1995, but was last seen in 1998 at the YWCA in San Diego to take a bus to the VA for a doctor’s appointment, and has not been seen since, as reported by NAMUS.  Cloudia was diagnosed with schizophrenia, says Robin.  Click here to read the full story about Cloudia by the Metro Independent. 

Robin was 23 when her mom disappeared.  Robin has been very active on social media, created a Facebook page for her mother, and has been tireless trying to keep her mother’s story alive.  After all these years she thinks she may have found her mother after seeing a photograph of a homeless woman in the LA Times, “Santa Monica Homeless Population drops 3.5% Over 2 Years,” in February 2014.

Photo ran with the LA Times article

Robin called the LA Times to ask them about the photo and found out that the photo was taken by a reporter in 2013 in the Santa Monica area.  The name the person in the photo gave was not Wells, but Robin did find out that the name the woman gave was false.  Robin’s friend followed up by calling a Santa Monica homeless shelter and found out her mom had checked in as Leslie C. Wells and used her social security number in 2013, the same time that the photo was taken by the LA Times.

Robin found that her mom was put into the NCIC database with wrong information, in particular her mom’s name.  For those that are not familiar with NCIC, it is a database that law enforcement use.  So, when you get pulled over for a ticket or stopped jaywalking for example, when the police take your driver’s license they are running it through the NCIC database to find out if you have a warrant or a missing person, among other things.   

The birth date was also wrong. Since there are no photos with NCIC only data, the wrong information would mean if they stopped her mom, they would not know they had a person that was missing. 

Robin tells me that she admits she was upset a few weeks back because she could not get the missing person unit to call her back and out of frustration left an angry message and said, “This is my mom, she is a missing person, you need to call me back.”

Still, after receiving no phone call she decides to call the main San Diego Police Dept. number and asks to talk to the police chief.  A woman answers the phone and Robin assumes it is the police chief. 

“I explain what has happened and her NCIC number needs changed and that Det. Luna never returns phone calls.”

Robin is surprised to find out that Det. Luna has not been with the department for over a year. 

Robin, then felt the need to tell more of the story, “I proceed to try to tell her about the picture in the LA Times, the Chief replies then she’s not missing, a person missing is someone that has vanished off the face of the earth and u don’t know where their at,”  posted Robin on her Facebook page.

Robin at this point is pretty much speechless and simply asks that the police chief to please change her mom’s name in NCIC.

Robin is told that they are taking the information to the missing person unit as they are speaking, and it would be taken care of. 

“A hour later, I missed a call from the missing persons unit,” said Robin. “They leave a message.  I call right back again I get the machine and ask someone to call me. This time I was nice. “

According to Robin, the Police officer assigned to Cloudia’s case, Det. Maura Mekenas-Parga did call back and what she had to say would make anyone’s mouth drop open. 

The phone calls starts out very informative with the detective explaining that Cloudia’s name is cross-referenced by different names and birth dates, but then the detective’s attitude takes a turn and she ends with the following:

“I am the only detective for the whole city of San Diego and I will not be tolerated with you yelling at me.  Do you understand me, I’m done with it.”   Evidently, this is the response to the angry phone message that Robin had left two days prior. 

The bullying tone in the phone call is apparent and it would make anyone think twice before calling in to ask for help on a missing person case. 

The question remains, what is “the only detective for the whole city of San Diego” “done with”?  Is it Robin’s phone calls or is it working on the case?

It would seem to me that any officer pulling up the case and reviewing it would see the last time the case was looked at was by a detective that had been gone from the department over a year ago, and would have had some understanding to why Robin was so angry.

Everyone searching for a missing loved one needs hope to keep going.   To have that hope met with anything less than understanding by a police officer is a shame.  To have that hope met without any constructed plan on going forward is laziness.  To have that hope met with a rude phone call is inhumane.

After you listen to the tape, please leave your comments below, we want to hear from you.  Click here to be taken to another page to listen to the tape and then hit the back arrow to return here to leave a post.

11 thoughts on “Daughter of missing mother posts rude phone message from San Diego Police Department

  1. Changes definitely need to happen. Too many families are dealing with LE that try to intimidate. They are supposed to be in our side. I know exactly what Robin is dealing with. My dad went missing in 2006 from Westport, CA.

  2. Hello Lisa sorry to hear about your father, has he been found? I can understand the San Diego detectives situation, Questioning a Santa Monica homeless person using false identification and different information is really a no pointer, as it is difficult enough. Apparently Claudia Leslie Wells, has been able to avoid being contested of running on her daughter, the frustrations really thicken here. If Cloudia Leslie Wells does not want to be found by her daughter, she is going through some bad techniques of avoiding her daughter. She is likely to be arrested for identification fraud, and even at that she still might not have to inform her daughter of her location.

  3. Kenneth, if you remember, the story says that Claudia Wells has Schizophrenia. That is a very serious mental illness. Therefore, she may not be able to remember everything about herself. Obviously, she's not on the meds that she needs. And that illness makes people do things they normally wouldn't. What makes you think that she's trying to elude her daughter? Who WOULD want to live on the streets homeless in their right mind? I'm curious as to why you speak of her as a criminal, when she clearly has a problem?

  4. I had a sister with this same problem, schizophrenia, disappeared in the dead of winter. all this daughter has to do is contact her local Mental Health center, or take her to the hospital and tell them she is a “danger to herself.” on the street with schizophrenia puts her at risk of crime, freezing to death, starving, lack of medical care, when she is unable to care for herself. She must be a “danger to herself or others” and diagnosed and prescribed medication (psychiatric care). From there they will place her in a group home where she will be looked after, put her on “disability” (SSI) Given her own room, even $20 weekly and the ability (once under medication) to come and go as long as she signs out where she is going. I had difficulty going about getting my sister help, I didn't know where to turn! I finally got hold of the Mental Health Dept. and told them my sisters situation and mine. This was back when she was age 22 she is now 56. Since then she receives disability SSI with medicaide/medicare and is under good care, where they see to it she takes her medicine, take her to doctors appointments, psychiatric appointments, she is fed well, and now her schizophrenia is controlled well, she goes out shopping with me and enjoys it. – -this is what this daughter needs to do for her mother, if she doesn't want to go, have an ambulance take her to the hospital!!!! Call the Mental Health dept will only take longer. The social worker in the hospital will do the rest (SSI, placing her somewhere) – -do not let them try and try and talk you into allowing her to live with you!!! She needs a caregiver!

  5. I work in with assisted living ladies and men. Some still have their mental capabilities, some don't. Yes This woman is probably roaming the streets not understanding what is really going on. I' sick of these people jumping on and threatening FRAUD and JAIL TIME. GROW A BRAIN!!! That comment and source just proves the point! Hope she finds her.

  6. My sister Roxann Deihl went missing in July 1975,Mother reported it to the Swiftwater State Police department and was told,she's a runaway and that she'd come home eventually.A year later they called and asked it she returned and my mom told them no and asked if they had any leads.They said they'd send someone over to take more of a report.No one ever showed up.And evertime my mother would call and family would go to the station they acted like they knew nothing of her disappearance or the report.39 yrs have past and I was looking through the unidentified and Beth Does came up and the first sketch of her looked like my sister,I called the Investigator and left a couple of messages,but found out through social media he had went to another department from Swiftwater to Hazelton and he wasn't getting the messages from the phone number I had called a couple of times.I finally got intouch with him and told him about the similaritys in my sister & Beth Doe.HE came to the house to take DNA with 2 other officiers,they asked questions and told us there were no report of her missing.I was in disbelief in how they treated a missing persons case and how they felt my sister just wasn't no big deal to them,Like they more or less wasn't interested about solving or finding my sister.And week after they came here,I had called the investigator to give him some more information on her.He then informed me that they found the report of my missing sister,but it was dated for 1976 not 1975,I then told him how my mother received a call a year later after reporting her missing and that probably was the report made up from the Officer who was to have suppose to come to the house to take another report but never showed up. I am so disgusted with how my sisters case has been handled by the ones that are suppose to be Protecting us and our Loved ones that I can't trust them in doing their Jobs in which they agreed and was sworn in to do.My sister Roxann Deihl is still missing and is now finally after 39 yrs in the NAMUS missing person data #27584.

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