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Stephanie Aughenbaugh: Missing from PA and suffering from BPD Found

UPDATE:  2/12/15 – Stephanie has returned home:

“Hi, everyone. This is really me. I’m home. Yes, home. With my Freddie; my love, my Husband, my best friend.
I am sorry. Probably more sorry than you could ever know. Definitely more sorry than some of you will ever beleive.I was not right inside of my mind. I felt that by leaving I was doing the right thing to help Freddie. But after reading his posts, your comments, and watching literal millions of people from all over the world share our story, I came home.
I want you all to know that my Husband is the most loving and amazing man I have ever known. He is not abusive. He is not weak. He is not holding this against me. I do, though. I caused such hell and heartache in him. I will not deny that, nor will I allow myself to forget it. He loves me. He forgives me. He knows me better than anyone else ever can or will. Thank you, Freddie.

I know that there were some of you who threw me under the bus. I know very well who each and every one of you are. Don’t think for a single moment that I will forget the things that were said. I will, however, pray for you. May GOD have mercy on you.
Thank you to everyone who supported Freddie through this. Thank you for the posts, comments, and private messages. He has shared every single word of all of it with me. Yes, even the private messages. Thank you for helping him reach out to me in a way that truly opened my eyes. Thank you. With all my heart.
My most heartfelt thanks goes to the following:
Heather Weitosh-Reed
Dana Morroni
Tim Spratt
Courtney Gelnett
Chucky and Jess
Homie and Amanda
Julia Gray
Christy Smallwood
Eric Jacobson
Each of these people went above and beyond to be there each day for Freddie, whether by being here with him and helping him or by calling him on the phone and keeping his head above water when he was struggling to carry on. I love each and every one of them as brother, sister, and friend. Thank you, my Family. I love you more than I love heavy metal. wink emoticon
I’m going to go be with my Lobster now. Have a wonderful day.
You are Loved. xox
-Stephanie Marie Aughenbaugh”

Original story:  Stephanie Aughenbaugh was last seen in Bloomsburg, PA on Jan. 15, 2015.  The post says that she is not in her right frame of mind because of her BPD, and her husband is searching for her.

Stephanie has green/grey/blue eyes and is very small framed, with dark brown hair, although she may dye it.  She have very small feet and has a tattoo on her right inner forearm with a Chinese letter, and her husband’s name, “Fred” around her left ring finger with a crown of thorns.   She could be wearing a dark grey pea coat and driving a black Pontiac 2001 Bonnieville with a handicap plate and POW stickers.

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