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Reuben Gerhardt: Blind teen missing from Plymouth Found

UPDATE:  1/31/15 –   At midnight  Rueben’s parents went to pick up Reuben and bring him home.

On his Facebook page – “A big thank you to everyone that helped bring him home safe. Thanks for all the prayers!!!”

UPDATE:  1/29/14 – Posted on Reuben’s Facebook page, “SEARCH DETAILS: I have a trained SAR person interested in leading a community search at the break of dawn Saturday Morning. She is also trained to organize search and rescue and runs the organization Hope for All Missing. Are there any other trained SAR persons on this page that are willing to step up outside of your professional organization to assist her along with community members? It would be nice if we could have several different teams going at one time, but i would prefer they all be headed by at least one trained SAR person. PLEASE, anyone who is willing and able to help, we need all the help we can get. I will post more details with time and location later today. please comment below if you can help.”

Original story:  Reuben Robert Gerhardt, 17, is missing from Illinois.  Reuben is legally blind and was seen leaving his home in Plymouth, Ill on foot on Jan. 25, 2015.  He has not been seen since.  He may have been spotted in Augusta.  He was wearing black jeans and a red fox shirt and he has his left ear pierced.  Reuben has long brown hair he is 5.9 about 140 lbs.   His family and friends are very concerned for his safety.

A missing persons reports have been filed. contact 217-985-4682 or his Facebook page, Missing Person Help Find Reuben Gerhardt.

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