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McStay Family: Accused murder will represent himself

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Robert Ponce, the attorney representing Chase Merritt, who has been charged with the murder of the McStay family found out that Chase had kicked him to the curb on Friday.
In another surprising turn of events,  Judge Michael Smith of the San Bernardino Court, gave Chase permission to represent himself. 
Ponce spoke to the Judge as one of his last actions representing Chase and told him about Chases’ desire to get the case moving faster, and felt that if he represented himself it would. 
“He (Chase) says he has six to eight months to live,” Ponce told the Judge, reports the Union Tribune,
The media was hoping that the Judge would also unseal some more search warrants pertaining to the case, but the requests were denied.  Which probably means that there is information there that if let out to the public would tarnish the trial.  
Although the saying goes, if you are representing yourself, you are representing a fool, Ponce must not feel this is the case here as he said he felt that Chase has the intellectual ability to do it.  I guess Ponce doesn’t realize that  in other words, he is saying that a guy like Chase could pass the bar with a little studying, which is not saying much for his profession.  
The Judge did do his due diligence and told Ponce that “self-representation is generally considered an unwise move.”  Chase replied with a simple, “Yes.”  
How does Chase think that he can do what an attorney and his staff would spend hours upon hours working on?  I don’t know, but according to Patrick McStay, he thinks the real reason Chase is asking to represent himself is so he will get more freedom, and be allowed to go to the law library and get out of his cell more often.

I am wondering if this trial will be televised like some other high profile cases have been in the past.

The next court date is Feb. 20, and the prelim will be April 7.
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7 thoughts on “McStay Family: Accused murder will represent himself

  1. Good for Chase! I don't believe he did it anyway. You bring in people, whether it's lawyer's, therapists, etc. and give them full reign of figuring out your life WHEN YOU YOURSELF ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT KNOWS THE TRUTH. They never listen to your version of what YOU KNOW happened…after all you were there, not them right??…they get everything ALL screwed up. I'm speaking this from experience.
    Chase deciding to represent himself must have seen the stupidity coming and knowing basically, people that know about the case have already convicted him, he probably figures it couldn't get any worse than it would have had he had used the attorney he had.
    Just another person condemned falsely!

  2. They need to check and see if those two McStay boys were buried a lot later than the parents. If the shallow grave was dug for the parents to where their bones eventually appeared above ground this means the person was in a hurry. He could have decided to keep the boys around for a while and later killed them. This is a VERY sick person that did this!
    But of course they have already condemned Chase Merritt.

  3. Unfortunately, Mr. Stevenson, usually one that wants to represent himself in a court case as serious as this, in my opinion, is suffering from a mental illness or personality disorder. But I do believe he has the right to do this, whatever my opinion or anyone else's may be.

  4. Jerrie, I had to laugh when I saw this. My 14 year old and I were talking about this case the other day and I said,”I think the next move will be Mr. Merritt wanting to represent himself.”

  5. Britain stop being an ostrich get your head out of the sand! Charles “Chase” Merritt you think is INNOCENT the LAST person to see Mr. McStay A L I V E prior to their disappearance the proof is coming! Only a FOOL represents themselves in court! Only the CRIMINALLY INSANE not just plain CRAZY mentally ill won't get you into a Psych Ward instead of PRISON where Chase needs to rot then head in an Express Lane straight to h-e-l-l GUILTY as SIN. What is the motive? $$ talks his business partner was scorned got even with McStay by killing his entire family the fact remains that the accused most likely will die before he serves out his prison sentence so justice isn't really served yet Karma = King! Live by the sword, die by the sword. Head to U. K. Britain if you think this tin man is Not Guilty 'cos you just got conned by a real con man so here's who Charles “Chase” Merritt really is let's look at his prolific career at being a con serving tons of jail time! Voila' let me introduce to the real Charles let's Chase him down & send him to prison for killing a beautiful family wiping them out! = I predict an Express Lane straight to hell to meet the devil Chase knows well!

  6. Talk is real cheap the phone call from McStay to Chase is interesting about now. Chase had been playing the innocent business partner. Though i really feel that Chase knew so much more than to tell his brother to call police in few days if he doesn't show. There is no doubt that Chase dug those holes and knew very well over the years what was in those holes. He thinks he playing as though all was good and yippee. Though the death of 4 people seldom come's from good karma.

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