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Skull found in Davis County Utah

A man walking on a foot path in Fruit Heights  on Thursday has found a skull along a frontage road near US 89 in Davis County.

“The man who initially found it walks long this frontage road every day and noticed something in the bushes, and he finally decided to investigate it further,” Sgt. DeeAnn Servey of the Davis County Sheriff’s Office told KSL news. 

When a team of investigators arrived they began a “meticulous investigation” to look for other clues.  What they found were more bones and some fragments of clothing. 

The Davis County Sheriff’s Office have determined that there was an area they are calling a “gravesite” where the majority of skeletal remains have been found.  The skull was found farther down the hill.

It is still too early to say how old this skull is.  It was speculated that it could be a prank where someone threw the skull out of their car as they drove by, but with the discovery of the other remains, it is more likely it rolled down the hill, disturbed by weather or animals.

“Depending on where it was found, Fruit Heights has a history of flooding from the little slot canyons above it.  Native American remains have been found up on the bench there in the past, as well as the original settlement being mostly washed away in the early 1900s,” posted ItsTheLimit. 

There are over 50 people missing from Utah ranging between the ages of 3 to 74. One of those cases is Susan Powell.  Susan disappeared in 2009.   Read more about Susan’s story here.   Susan disappeared Dec 6, 2009.

In the past, there have been five other times, over the last five years that remains have been found and speculation was they may be Susan, but they were not.

In January 2010, West Valley City police found remains near West Wendover which turned out to be Jesus Landin, a homicide victim from Lehi.  What became of the identification of the remains found near Topaz Mountain in 2011 that the media was reporting the police found after a cadaver dog alerted, is a mystery. 

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