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Douglas Swanson: Missing from Jacksonville Found

UPDATE:  3/16/15 – FOUND.  The authorities have found a white Tahoe submerged in a retention pond with a body inside, that they believe may be Douglas Swanson. It was a utility company crew that saw the roof of an SUV under the surface of the water as they were working.  The pond is located in the 6800 block of Belfort Oaks Place, which is about two miles from where the party was that Swanson went to. The crew called the police and they were able to get the vehicle out of the water.  They identified the vehicle as belonging to Swanson.  The medical examiner will make a positive identification of the body inside the SUV.

Sheril Swanson told First Coast News, that she things that it is her son.

Original story:  Douglas Swanson, 28, has been missing from Jacksonville, Fla. since Dec. 14, 2014.  He was last seen leaving a friend’s party near Newton and Belfort Rd. He was heading to Jacksonville Beach.  On the way, he got his white Chevy Tahoo stuck in a ditch, but a friend pulled his vehicle out.  He continued on his way on Newton Rd. and that was the last time he has been seen.

Doug is a merchant mariner and his wife in in the Navy.

Doug has tattoos on both arms and a chipped upper front tooth.  He likes to smoke vaporizer e cigarettes.  He was wearing a white D&C shirt and/or a black “Metal Mulisha” t-shirt, blue jeans and gray zippered hoodie. 

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