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Karissa Schell: Teen missing since 2011 from California

Karissa Schell is still missing.  The family had a private investigator that was helping them and  evidently he has decided to not help any longer as he won’t return calls, according to the Help Me Find Karissa Schell Please Facebook page.

Back in October 2017, the Help Me Find Karissa Schell Please Facebook page posted, “Time to call National Center for Missing and Exploited. I dread calling them. They don’t know how to do an age progressed photo! Also found out that Turlock Police station was suppose to give us our karissas phone records, Of course the detective never did. Had he listened to me she might have been found. At the time that she went missing I had her phone pinged. It showed she was in Redwood City, California. I told the detective right away and he just made excuses and blew it off!! It angers me to no end!!!!!”

“Karissa Schell was last seen by her mom when she was 14-years old.  on April 21, 2011, she was staying with friends and left between 2 and 3 a.m. saying she would be back later, but she never returned.

If you see her, please call the Turlock Police Dept. 209-668-5550 or leave an anonymous tip here.  When Karissa was last seen she had a pierced septum, navel, ears, and cheek. Her hair was dyed a burgundy red color. Karissa’s nickname is Rissa.

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    • Missing From
    • Turlock, CA
    • Age Now
    • 20
    • Hair Color
    • Brown
    • Eye Color
    • Brown
    • Height
    • 5’6″
    • Weight
    • 140 lbs

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  1. What terrible parents allow a FOURTEEN year old to pierce her face multiple times? If they didn''t set standards for her is anyone surprised she's missing?? When you're allowed to make bad choices like that, with no adults stopping you, then you'll continue making bad choices until something BAD happens. Shame on those parents.

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