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Josue Ramirez Marinero: Baby found alive in dumpster, brother missing Found

UPDATE 5/8/15 – Police have arrested Jesus Marinero’s son, Roberto C. Martinez-Marinero, 25, for first-degree murder and use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony.  He turned himself in to the Douglas County Department of Corrections,  and told them in was involved in the death of his mother.

Authorities are still searching for Jesus’ 5-year-old son Josue Ramirez-Marinero.  Police stated they have reason to believe he was thrown into the Elkhorn River by Roberto. 

Original story:  A missing baby that was found alive in a La Vista dumpster in Nebraska on Wednesday has turned into an Amber Alert for his brother.

The Nebraska authorities have identified the 11-month-old boy that was found in a dumpster outside an apartment complex with a soiled diaper covered in lint on it, as Angel Ramirez-Marinero. 

The mother of both of the boys, Jesus Marinero, 45 was found dead Wednesday night in South 4th and Cedar streets in Omaha.

UPDATE:  5/11/15 – Divers in the Elkhorn River are believed to have found the body of missing Josue, according to Omaha Police Capt. Kerry Neumann at a news conference Monday. A forensic examination will be conducted for confirmation.

According to the AP,  “Josue’s brother Robert Martinez-Marinero surrendered to police Thursday and said he’d stabbed his mother, 45-year-old Jesus Ismenia Marinero, after they argued about money. The 25-year-old man also said he’d thrown Josue in the river at the bridge and put 11-month-old Angel Ramirez-Marinero in the dumpster.”

Original story:  An Amber Alert has been released for Josue Ramierez-Marinero, 5.

WOWT news reports that there were several burglaries at their home between January and April.  There is evidence that the home was set on fire.

If you have any information, please call 402-331-1353.

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