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1-year-old Leonna Wright may have crawled away from home

leona wright

Missing Child Pendleton South Carolina Leonna Wright

August 7, 2018 – The authorities stated they will be releasing an update on Leonna Wright’s case. There is also a $10,000 Crimestoppers reward for any information that leads to the discovery of Leonna Wright.  Call 1-888-Crime-SC if you have information.


Leona Wright
Leonna Wright 


Leonna Wright still missing

5/29/16 – “The challenge for us on Leona’s case is trying to find her. We have got to come up with something,”  Sheriff John Skipper told WSPA News. “Every lead that comes up whether there will be one today or one last month, we follow it all the way out to see if we can determine where she is and we can go from there. We have certain pieces of key information in that case that will help solve it.”

“There were folks out and about. Somebody knows something and they need to come forward,” a deputy at the event added. “It is not going to end until we get an answer.”


6/30/15 –  The mother of missing 1-year-old Leonna Wright has been arrested for neglect of a child.  Kiara Sullivan and Leonna’s 3-year-old sibling tested positive for methamphetamine, cocaine and THC.

Travis Jones who was also charged has been in custody since June 9 for failure to pay child support.

Leonna’s biological father, Richard Lane Wright has been charged with third-degree assault for threatening a Wendy’s employee on June 28. Leona is still missing.  


6/21/15 – A neighbor told police that Leonna’s sister saw her by a car and that someone had picked her up and drove off according to a 911 recording that The Greenville News received.

“She’s telling somebody else now that when she looked outside her little sister was by — it’s a car right here in the mixed breezeway complex — that she was right here but somebody picked her up,” the woman said to the dispatcher.

Police believe that Leonna was actually taken from the apartment before her mother came home that morning, and the 3-year-old did not open the door.

UPDATE:  6/9/15 –  In an interview with the Independent Mail on Saturday afternoon, ” Kiara Sullivan, 22, said she went to clubs in Belton and Anderson on the previous night while her boyfriend, Travis Jones, watched her daughters. After taking a taxi home about 5:30 a.m., Sullivan said she gave Leonna a cup of juice. She said she also looked in on her again at 6:30 a.m. When she woke up at 9:30 a.m., Sullivan said, Jones told her that A’riel (3-year-old daughter) was standing in an open door to the apartment and that Leaona was gone.”  But, later on the Nancy Grace show Kiara said she never checked on Leonna on Saturday morning and only told the Independent Mail the above story because she was scared.  She actually did not return home till Monday and spent Sundays at a relatives house.

Despite searches done my SAR teams, dogs, horseback riders and volunteers, Leonna Wright remains missing. No person of interest has been named in connection with her disappearance.

UPDATE 6/7/15 –  Information from the public led investigators to expand their search to the waste transfer center in Pendleton until 10 p.m. Saturday.  The search resumed Sunday morning.

Original story

Leonna Wright, 1, is missing from Pendleton, South Carolina since July 2015.  The police are searching for her with the thought she may have crawled away from her home at the Edgewood Square apartment complex on Cherry Street, after the 3-year-old left the door open.

Travis Jones

The child’s mother was not at home but the mother’s boyfriend, Travis Jones and three-year-old child were, Sheriff John Skipper told WYFF.  Jones was arrested after failure to appear following a past misdemeanor charge.  He also has been arrested for beating a woman, possession of drugs and burglary.

A K9 unit along with helicopters and police on horseback are searching the area.

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6 thoughts on “1-year-old Leonna Wright may have crawled away from home

  1. I hope the son is removed from the home. I hope someone has picked up the baby. I hope the baby is also placed in a safe place.

  2. I hope the son is removed from the home. I hope someone has picked up the baby. I hope the baby is also placed in a safe place.

  3. I find it odd that there are no pictures of the baby girl.. just her and the son. and she is smiling the biggest smile on the 8th.. 2 days after her baby goes missing.. ??

  4. There is something very wrong with this picture. The initial response of I don't care what condition she is in or you can drop her off anywhere is disturbing. The fact she lied to one media source and confesses to lying on Nancy grace show reflects mental instability.The fact partying meant more to her than her children is disgusting. If the be loved them so much, why weren't the doors shut and locked until he was up out of bed?

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