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Kathleen Katie Barham missing after going to laundry room at apartment complex Found

Kathleen barham
No Cause of Death was determined by the Medical Examiner and there are no suspects.

UPDATE:  6/13/14 – The body found in the wooded area has been confirmed to be Katie.  Her death is considered suspicious. A cause of death has not yet been determined by the Medical Examiner.

UPDATE:  6/10/15 –   A body has been found in a wooded area near an apartment where Katie was last seen, after the police were called when someone reported a bad smell.

There has been no confirmation if it is Katie’s body or not and state there was severe decomposition.  There is no positive identification of the body nor cause of death.

The first thing that comes to my mind is why that area was not searched when Katie went missing.  The family put posters around town to let everyone know that Katie was missing, but there has been nothing said about whether the police or family searched the nearby woods.

The Portsmouth police have stated a detective was not assigned to the case till June 8 which about the time I heard about her missing.

Katie’s fiance, Rich Fegan said that he woke up at 1:30 in the morning and she was not there.  He went to the wash room and found the clothes in the dryer, but she was gone.

Fegan also said he asked the police to track her phone and he said they said they could not do it without a warrant and it was “too much hassle.”

But on May 6, 2015, two federal appeals courts have now ruled explicitly that police don’t need a search warrant to track the location of a suspect’s cell phone, and a third court gave law enforcement a partial win on the issue, reports the National Journal.   Katie was not a suspect, but it would seem to me they could have done it very easily, but. Katie’s cousin, Lee Deans told WTKR that Fegan didn’t call her family until nine days after she went missing.

Fegan said he didn’t want to “jump the gun and make everyone concerned for her before I was sure there was a problem,”

At this point we do not know what date Fegan told the police that Katie was missing.  Maybe the detective wasn’t assigned till the 11th because the police were not called till the 8th.

Even though, one of the first things that are done when someone goes missing is for searchers to search the immediately area in a 2-5 mile radius.   I have seen police knock on doors, I have seen volunteers on ATV combing woods and so far I have seen no evidence this was done.  It could be that the missing report given to the police was relayed as a non emergency situation by the person that reported it, and could have even been relayed as something that Katie did a lot.  Time will tell.

Original story:  Kathleen “Katie” Barham, 32, has been missing from Portsmouth, Va., since Wed., May 27, 2015.  She went to wash a load of clothes in her apartment building on Bickford Lane and has not been seen since.

Portsmouth is 15 minutes away from Chesapeake, and Dana Lynn Turner, 43, from Chesapeake went missing on Sept. 22, 2011.  She was suppose to return a rental car and never showed up, but the car was turned in by someone else.

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  1. Washing clothes in those basement laundry rooms of apartments has always made me nervous, but in this case the fiancé seems a little questionable.

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