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Papa Murphy employee helps rescue a kidnapped Texas boy

Courtney Best was working at Papa Murphy’s pizza restaurant in Corpus Christi and went outside to take a break.  She was looking at her phone a noticed there was an Amber Alert for a boy who might be in a white Dodge Avenger.  A minute later she looks up from her phone and sees a white Dodge Avenger pulling into the the parking lot.

Courtney Best

“Nah, that’s not him,”  Courtney told KRIS TV.  As the man walked acoss the parking lot with a scared little boy she said it again,  “No that’s not him.”

She wasn’t taking her own words to heart, because as soon as the man went into the dollar store she jumped into her car and slowly drove past the Avenger checking the license plate and sure enough they matched the Amber Alert for 7-year-old Nicolas Gomez from Alice.

Channing Galbraith

Courtney notified the police and while they kept her on the phone, the man and Nicolas walked backed out of the store and got into the car.  She told the police she was going to follow them and gave them directions on what street they were turning on.  The police were able to apprehend the man, Channing Galbraith  and rescue Nicolas.

The Amber Alert was activated after Galbraith who has a violent history including sexual assault took Nicholas after he got into a domestic argument with Nicolas’ mother, according to KIITV News.

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