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Car submerged in NC lake over 40-years has human remains inside

A green 1968 sedan pulled out of a lake in Caldwell County in North Carolina on Tuesday, was found to have human remains inside.
Amos Shook
The car which was discovered by authorities following up on an old missing case was using sonar technology when they found the car 30-feet deep in the water.  The North Catawba Fire and Rescue pulled the car out of Lake Rhodhiss at the boat access on Waterworks Road, reported WSOC News.  The location is in Sawmills, NC near Sawmills Veterans Park

The Pontiac Catalina may belong to a retired Air Force member Amos Shook who was reported missing back in February of 1972, .  Authorities have not released who that person is and have taken the remains to the medical examiner.  Further investigation of the findings will continue.  

“We take a serious approach to all cases reported to the Sheriff’s Office and never consider a case closed until the truth is known,” Sheriff Alan Jones said in a statement announcing the recovery of the car, reported the Charlotte Observer.

“We have waited for this day for 43 years,” the family said in a press release. “That the sonar was able to detect the car was God’s work. As a family we will work with the Sheriff’s Office to bring the case to a final resolution but for today we say thank you for all of the prayers and condolences we have received since the car was found.”

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