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Search for missing Austin and Perry lost at sea

UPDATE 7/28/16 – Artist Shepard Fairey, who created the famous Obama “Hope” poster has gifted Pamela Cohen and Nick Korniloff, the parents of missing Florida teen Perry J. Cohen, a portrait of their son for their foundation. (See below)


UPDATE 4/23/16 – “On March 18, 2016, Multi Purpose Supply Vessel Edda Fjord, while enroute to Norway, discovered a capsized small craft approximately 100 miles off the coast of Bermuda. The boat was subsequently confirmed to be the boat that belonged to Austin Stephan’s.  The boat was recovered and the engine number confirmed it was the teens boat.  To see photos of the boat and recovery, click here.

UPDATE 9/15/15 – Video shows what they believe is Austin and Perry’s boat and then another boat shows a black spot which they think may be Austin and Perry’s boat overturned.  Diver’s will be back in the water in that area to see if they can find anything.


UPDATE:  8/9/15 –  The private search for Austin and Perry has ended.   A spokesperson for the family said the search has run its course. “Absent new information, continuing the search is not practical,” said the family spokesperson.

“We love our boys and want them home.  Today, our hope becomes our prayer— that one day Perry and Austin will be returned to us.  We thank everyone for their dedicated efforts and support…we will never stop looking for our boys, Austin and Perry.  We want to thank the US Coast Guard and the many volunteers from Florida to Maine whose contributions were nothing short of extraordinary.  We express a special debt of gratitude to the Palm Beach community for its generosity and outpouring of love and support.  We ask that you join us in our prayer that one day Perry and Austin will be reunited with their families.”

UPDATE 89/4/15 – A orange/red life jacket was found washed up on to land.  No word if it belongs to Austin or Perry. 

UPDATE 7/30/15 – A styrofoam lid has been found in the water.   The Coast Guard has searched  approximately 40,000 square nautical miles, and will continue to day concentrating on Charleston, South Carolina. 

Original Story:  Two 14-year-old boys that planned to take their boat from Florida to the Bahamas are feared missing at sea after their boat was found capsized.

Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos have been boating all their life and “know the power of the sea,” said Perry’s father on CNN.
Former NFL quarterback Joe Namath who is a neighbor told WPTV that, “We just keep on praying, man.”  

The boys  bought over $100 worth of fuel before pushing off in their 19-foot fishing boat to travel along the coast of Jupiter on Friday for a fishing trip.  Later information came out that the teens were heard talking about heading towards the Bahamas for this trip.

The search for the teens began by the coast guard on Friday afternoon when they didn’t return home that afternoon.  Then on Saturday their boat was found capsized abut 67 nautical miles off of ponce de Leon inlet, the Coast Guard said.

The cover of the motor is missing along with a cooler and life jackets.  There is hope they used these
as floatation devices.

There is hope that both teens are alive and out there somewhere at sea and a $100,000 reward that Namath helped to raise has been offered in hopes that experienced boaters will join in the search for the boys.
“They know the waters, they’ve been through rough water, those are salty dog kids,” said Nick Komiloff, Perry’s stepfather. 
The debate on social media has gone from criticism to support on whether the boys should have been alone on their sea venture.  Although the parents state they have been boaters since they were very young, others point out that the sea is a water wilderness that is unpredictable that even an adult wold have trouble knowing how to handle if an emergency arose.
The teens were told by their parents to not go offshore or to the Bahamas.  The Florida coast is full of boaters that can help in minutes, but once you travel offshore you are alone, reports the Washington Post.  
There were the required life jackets on the boat, but no known radio.  

Both of the teen’s parents are optimistic that the boy’s are experienced enough to survive and it is only a matter of time before they are rescued.  
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