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Was Neil Falls, shot and killed by a woman he was attacking, actually a serial killer?

Neil Falls Serial Killer

Neil Falls, 45, from Springfield, Oregon was gunned-down by a woman known only as “Heather” after he came to her door and asked her, “Live or die?” then started choking her.  Heather grabbed a rake and when he put down the gun to take the rake away from her, Heather grabbed the gun and shot and killed Falls.

Neil Falls killed before he could kill…again?

After authorities searched Falls car trunk after the incident they found shovels, hatchets and bleach, a bullet proof vest, and trash bags, they are now wondering if he is responsible for several other women’s deaths.  In particularly, evidence found at a murder scene were similar to what was found in Falls car.  

Neil Falls car truck.  Photo by West Virginia Police

In Falls pocket was handwritten note listing the names and phone numbers of six other women in the area, all of whom investigators said are believed to be involved in sex work, reports NBC News.

Chillicothe, Ohio

In Chillicothe, Ohio, a combination of 6 women are missing or had been murdered and family’s of these women believed it was the work of a serial killer.

Charlotte Trego, 28, and Wanda Lemons, 38, are still missing.  Tameka Lynch, 30, was found dead on a sand bar in Paint Creek on May 24, 2014, , Shasta Himelrich was found dead in the Scioto River, Timberly Clayton was found dead in the Massieville River and Tiffany Sayer was found dead in a creek in Highland County.   The Chillicothe Police Dept. has created a task force to investigate these crimes:  Read more here.

Jason McCrary

The Ross County Sheriff Dept. have stated that their prime suspect was Jason McCrary, who is currently in jail on a separate charge of failing to register as a sex officer.  McCrary knew all the woman that have gone missing or who have been found deceased, in particular Timberly Claytor, 38, who was found shot in the head three times and dumped in high weeds near a empty building. McCrary was later indicted for her murder, but nothing about the murders of the other woman.

During the investigation of Falls, authorities found that he had rented a room in Henderson, Nevada, from 2000 until 2008. During that time, four prostitutes went missing and their dismembered bodies of three were found along highways.

Neil was stopped by police for suspicious behavior or traffic tickets in these following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia.  Ohio is not listed but he could have gone there as well as a couple other states, but just didn’t get stopped by the police.

Police say in some of these states, Falls was stopped for different traffic-related offenses.

In others, it appears that he had been checked out by law enforcement for possible “suspicious activity.”

Jessie Foster

Glendene Grant, the mother of missing Jessie Foster, who she has not heard from since 2006 wonders if there is also a connection between her daughters disappearance and Falls.  

Jessie Foster was 21 and living in Kamloops, British Columbia in 2005 when she decided to travel to Las Vegas. Glendene stopped getting phone calls from her daughter, and desperate to find her, hired a private investigator.  That is when she found that her daughter had been put in the hospital after having her jaw broken and was actually being forced to work as an escort.  Glendene has never been able to make contact with her daughter since 2006.  There is a $50,000 for information in the case.


Several years back I received numerous tips from a single source regarding Jessie and was told by the tipster that she was in Las Vegas being held against her will.  All efforts to track Jessie were lost when the tipster said they were too frightened of being found out to call back.  During the years I hoped the person would call back, but they never did, which leaves me only to believe the story was a scam, but for what I do not know because they never asked for anything.  

“Heather” has received support from authorities for her actions, and police feel that she probably saved the lives of many more woman as Falls had a list of other woman’s names in his car, that may have been his future targets.

Serial Killer Samuel Little

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