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Month: August 2015

Mom goes missing after volunteering to drive homeless man to parole meeting

Kristin’s hair is cut short and like the center photo and she wears bandanas in different colors like the photo on the right UPDATE:  9/1/15 –  Kristin as identified Tuesday “based on several public sightings of her at different local businesses in the Ventura and Northridge areas,” Sheriff’s Department Missing Persons officials announced in a […]

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Missing hiker stayed alive by crawling to creek with broken bones to get water

Miyuki Harwood A hiker amazes searchers when she was found alive after 9 days after she went on a hiking trip with the Sierra Club near Sacramento and became separated from the group on Aug. 20. Searchers were worried that Miyuki Harwood, 62, from Folsom may not survive as she only had enough water for […]

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Man on “bucket list” trip may be lost near Succor Creek in Oregon after 5th wheel and truck got stuck Found

Photo courtesy of Malheur County Sheriff’s Office UPDATE:  8/0’15 – Wrigley’s body was found at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning about seven miles from where his truck was left, said Malheur County Sheriff’s Dept.  Wrigley’s was a widower and his wife had died last year and he told friends he was determined to take this […]

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Do you know who this Michigan John Doe is?

UPDATE 9/1/15 –  Eric’s mom has said, “I just got a call back from Lt Bob Grant at the Brownstown Police Dept. He said the body found had all of the teeth, so it would not be Eric. He said the body had not been identified yet. I told him I figured it was a […]

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Brian Miller missing from Houston since 2014

Brian Miller Houston, Texas Brian Miller, 32, has been missing from Houston since June 2, 2014.  He was last seen on June 2 around 10:25 p.m. on 1960 and Aldine Westfield Area.  Brian’s car a 2000 silver Chevy Malibu was found abandoned in Hurst, Texas on June 6. UPDATE: 9/9/15 –   I receive messages daily […]

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Share to help locate woman missing from San Francisco FOUND

UPDATE 9/1/15 – A citizen in who recognized Valerie in her Hayes Valley neighborhood called the police and they identified the woman as Valerie, according to ABC7 news.  She was located on Saturday near the intersection of Oak ad Steiner Streets. Original story: Valerie Byrd, 55, was last seen at the Powell Street BART Station […]

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Can paint cover up human blood on a wall?

Can paint cover up human blood? I saw a post today that reminded me of the McStay case.  The post, which had nothing to do with the McStay’s, joked how they would paint over the blood to hide the evidence, and I began to wonder if this was done at crime scenes.   I was thinking If […]

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Troubled son of Tom Hanks is missing, or is he?

UPDATE 8/28/15 – Reps for Hanks state that Chet is not missing and the story is  “totally and completely untrue.”  I have not heard any comments directly from Tom Hanks nor Rita Wilson posted anywhere at this time.  Chet Hanks, 25, the son of actor Tom Hanks has had his troubles with drug abuse and […]

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Sidney Cranston

Arizona realtor goes missing after showing property to clients

UPDATE 1/11/17 – Alfredo Blanco has been arrested. Blanco, who took care of properties Cranston owned and also was his friend, had been staying at a rehabilitation facility, reported the Huffington Post.    The Huffington Post also reported that a break came in the case came after police executed a search warrant on a property where they had […]

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UCF teen goes missing after planning to sell Xbox 360 FOUND

Mikanzis has been found safe in Orlando. Original story:  Mikanzis Spinella, 19, was getting ready to leave home to go to the University of Central Florida for his sophomore year and decided he no longer wanted his XBox 360 and was going to buy a Sony Playstation 4 instead.  Spinella drove off in his white […]

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