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Arizona realtor goes missing after showing property to clients

Sidney Cranston

UPDATE 1/11/17 – Alfredo Blanco has been arrested. Blanco, who took care of properties Cranston owned and also was his friend, had been staying at a rehabilitation facility, reported the Huffington Post.    The Huffington Post also reported that a break came in the case came after police executed a search warrant on a property where they had previously been blocked.


UPDATE 1/11/17 – The Kingman Police Department said the FBI and Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, found human remains in a remote area east of Kingman they are believed to be the missing realtor,  Sidney Cranston, Jr.  The cause of death is from a gunshot wound, and has been ruled a homicide.  Alfredo Blanco is considered a suspect in Cranston’s death. Blanco is under medical care due to a serious health issue, Kingman police said. Usually remains are found by the public while they are hiking or after heavy rain exposes the remains, but the report states the authorities found the remains.  This leads me to believe that Blanco likely made a deathbed confession and told them where Sidney’s body was.  Plus, on Sidney’s Facebook page, there are many sympathies written, so I believe the remains are his but positive identification is still needed, per standard procedure.  

UPDATE 6/15/16 – After missing for a year, the FBI and the Kingman Police Department are asking for the public’s help in looking for missing Sidney Cranston. Please call 623-466-1999 or 928-753-1911 if you have any information.

Sidney Cranston
Sidney Cranston, Jr.

Original story:  Sidney Cranston, 40, a realtor from Arizona went missing in June 2015 and has not been seen since.

Cranston was heading to a property to show a client near Kingman but he never returned.  There is no information as to what client it was nor where the property was actually located.  All they have to go on is cell phone pings and phone records near the Hualapai Mountains.  

An ATM withdrawal was reportedly made by Sidney Cranston, 40, on Friday in the Kingman area, says Cranston’s brother Chris. “The surveillance photo shows my brother at the ATM and then a white vehicle behind him,” said Chris Cranston. “But something doesn’t look right though.”

Also, a neighbors saw Cranston in the garage and talking with two people in a white SUV.  That SUV had dark limo tinted windows and a CB radio antenna on the roof and 22-inch wheels.   

The family has asked that hunters or hikers in the Hualapai Mountains to keep a look out for Cranston who has likely passed somewhere in that location.  They also state that there may be shoes or clothing that might help lead a person to Cranston’s location and if anything is found to report it to the police. 

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