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Do you know who this Michigan John Doe is?

UPDATE 9/1/15 –  Eric’s mom has said, “I just got a call back from Lt Bob Grant at the Brownstown Police Dept. He said the body found had all of the teeth, so it would not be Eric. He said the body had not been identified yet. I told him I figured it was a homeless person and he said they are leaning toward that. So sad. He was very kind and wished me well in our search for answers in whoever caused Eric to disappear.”

 UPDATE: 8/31/15 – I received info that many believe that this John Doe could be Eric Franks.  I contacted his family and this is their response:

 “Yes, I have called twice, including today, and talked to the dispatch office and left messages for Lt Bob Grant , who is in charge of the case. The dispatch office took my information on Eric last week, but today I was told that they are being “tight lipped” about this case, which is strange since the article says it is not thought to be a homicide and they need the public’s help in identifying the man. I do not believe it is Eric, but I have to check out any possibility. I did see a slight resemblance in the nose and lips and I know this is just a clay reconstruction. I told them that I needed to rule this out so I would like to know something that would help me do that. Maybe Lt Grant will call me later. He is working today, but not in the office.”

A man that was found a year ago still remains unnamed.  Hunters found the remains of a man on Oct. 29, 2014 in an area north of West Road along some railroad tracks in Brownstone Township, Michigan.

They believe the man is between 25-40 years-old and his death does not appear to be homicide. 

He was wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt and newer white tennis shoes.  He had a small blue transistor radio with an antenna on it.  His hair was gray or partially gray with reddish brown gray throughout.  His goatee was reddish brown with grey and his eye color is unknown. 

The photo is a 3D reconstruction that was done by the Michigan State Police. Case Manager
Name Sarah Krebs,  Phone 313-215-0675

The following have been ruled out as being him:   William Mayfield 1982 North Carolina,
Mikel Schepke 1965 Michigan

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