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Mom goes missing after volunteering to drive homeless man to parole meeting

Kristin’s hair is cut short and like the center photo and she wears bandanas in different colors like the photo on the right

UPDATE:  9/1/15 –  Kristin as identified Tuesday “based on several public sightings of her at different local businesses in the Ventura and Northridge areas,” Sheriff’s Department Missing Persons officials announced in a news release, reports the media.  The Sheriff’s Department news release thanked “the public for the numerous leads and information provided. This information led detectives to Kristin’s location and positive identification,” it said.

“Kristin did not appear to be in distress and appeared to be doing fine,” the release said. “Detectives have determined that Kristin left the Santa Clarita area voluntarily.

Many on her Facebook page are upset and don’t think that is good enough to say she is okay, but what is being left out is that once the authorities find you and it is concluded you are fine, there is nothing they can do to make you go back home.  I believe the police spoke with Kristin and she told them she left voluntarily and did not want to return and she asked them to not divulge her location, which she can do.    My guess she is on some beach somewhere balancing rocks and it’s time for the Facebook page to respect her wishes and let it go.  

UPDATE:  A body has been found in a creek in Santa Clarita and it is not Ghilardi.  If you have heard she was found in a creek this is misinformation.  Bryce Laspisa’s family have been contacted and DNA testing will be done to confirm whether it is him or not.

Original story.  A Costco manager and mom of a 10-year-old boy has gone missing after she volunteered to help a homeless man meet with his parole officer.

Kristin Whitney Ghilardi, 29, volunteers with a church outreach program that helps the homeless.  She visited her friend in Canyon County near Santa Clarita on Wednesday, then she  went to meet with Patrick who lives on the beach in Ventura to give him a ride to Simi Valley to meet with his parole officer.  She was due back to pick up her son from daycare but she never made it, and she has not been seen since, reports KTLA news.

SCV News identified Patrick as a man with long hair that hangs out in Ventura beach balancing rocks.  Interestingly, Ghilardi’s page shows photos of balancing rocks and in a post on Aug. 17 she states, “Barely able to balance on my own two feet, and yet…the rocks balanced for me, thanks to a fantastic teacher! Still don’t believe I was able to do that! Am I being punked?”

Photo of balanced rocks on Kristin’s Facebook page

Wednesday evening at about 5:30, Kristin texted her son’s father, Chris Williams, only texting, “Get Zack.” Later Wednesday night, Chris attempted to call her and she only whispered, “I can’t talk now” and hung up, according to SCV News. Her cellphone has gone unanswered and straight to voicemail.  Ghilardi drives a 2006 Toyota Corolla with tinted rear windows and some damage to the front end.  The license place is California 5VLM990.  She is 5’6″ tall and 140 pounds with brown eyes and brown hair.  If you see her please contact the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station at 661-225-1121.

Click this link for more info on Kristin’s Facebook page

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