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Missing La Grande woman likely found in burned truck at bottom of ravine

Neli Rogers

The truck of a missing La Grande woman has been found at the bottom of a steep ravine. 

Neli C. Rogers, 27, was last seen on June 18, 2015 driving a 1997 Ford F250 truck.

Amber Rogers was told that on June 18 her sister was involved in a verbal altercation with a female friend over money that was owed to her sister.

“On June 19, a friend took Neli-Cristina to her storage unit where she was keeping extra cash to buy a house,” Amber Rogers said. “Neli-Cristina was upset that she was having to pull money from her savings and she wouldn’t have to if the other friend had paid her the money owed.”

Friends believe Neli-Cristina Rogers had approximately $300 in the storage unit and retrieved at least $100, Amber Rogers said. Around 8:57 p.m. Neli-Cristina Rogers posted on Facebook that she had “finally snapped,” but she went on to share a few posts later that night.

“Friends said that the evening of June 19 they were spending time together and having a good time when Neli-Cristina freaked out and left,” Amber Rogers said. “Her friends said that they tried to stop her but that she was intoxicated, got in her truck and drove away.”

She was reported missing and no one knew where she went.

On Wednesday, La Grande police saw a truck off Oregon 82 near milepost 30, east of Elgin at the bottom of a ravine, reports Oregon Live.

During the investigation they found the truck had caught on fire and remains were found inside and it is tentatively believe the remains are of Neli although a positive identification has to be made by the coroner.

The post on Find Neli’s Facebook page thanked everyone for “the outpouring of love and support from everyone.” 

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