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7-year-old who helped raise money for police dog may be missing from California after cabin burns down FOUND

UPDATE 10/2/15 – The El Dorado County Sheriff John D’Agostini confirmed they have arrested Bucahanan’s 16-year-old son, Adam in connection to the murder of the family.  A third body was found and identified to belong to Gavin.  All three were shot with a rifle, then the cabin was set on fire.

UPDATE 9/24/15 – A third body was found in the burned cabin on Thursday.  Until the remains have been identified, the family is still considered missing, and is still considered a criminal investigation.

Original story:  A story out of California reminds me of the story of two missing children from Tennessee.

Two bodies were found inside a cabin that was burned to the ground in Garden Valley, which is four miles south of Georgetown.  The remains are unidentified but police do believe there were three people in the home before the fire started.  The cause of the fire has not been determine.

Adam Buchanan, Molly McAfee and their son, 7-year-old Gavin were staying at the cabin before the Sept. 13, 2015 fire that left nothing but rubble.  They believe the family went there that weekend, but until they know for sure and can identify the remains they are asking neighbors and friends if they have seen the family.

In 2013,  Gavin was the same boy that helped raise money to help Benicia’s police dogs.

The police have gone to the family’s home in Benicia and seized computers and documents as they are now calling their disappearance as criminal.  They also have talked to business neighbors of  Adam’s construction company, Buchanan’s Construction.

Nolen, Adam’s 16-year-old son was not with his family and stayed home, and was found there when the police came to the home to search.  He now is living with his grandparents.

In 2013, two children went missing after their home burned to the ground.  Chloie Rhianna Leverette, 9, and Christopher “Gage” Daniel, 7,  were initially thought lost in a fire in their Unionville, Tennessee home that took the lives of their grandparents,  72-year-old Leon “Bubba” McClaran and his wife, 70-year-old Molli McClaran, on Sept. 23, 2012.  But, after a thorough investigation into the home, that took months of sifting through ashes, Chloie and Gage’s bodies were never found and now police believe they may have been abducted.  A year later the Sheriff stated that it was possible the temperature of the fire got to 1,600 degrees because of the propane tanks stored in the home and caused a crematorium, but there is no certainty there.  Chloie and Gage are still listed as missing children.


Until the police determine who the remains are in the cabin we will not know if Gavin is missing or not, or even another family member is missing or if these are two entirely different people unrelated to the family OR whether Gavin died with his parents in the fire and it became so hot that it created a crematorium, like in the above case.  At this time we know that at least one person is missing.

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